Nay Family Book Now Available

“The Nay Family in Utah and the West” is now available for online viewing and as a downloadable PDFs. Note, the end note links are not correctly defined, yet. So they are currently all posted at the end of their respective chapters. Eventually we will create at TOC and link up all of the end notes. Thanks, Joy for putting it all together and making it easy to post.

One Response to “Nay Family Book Now Available”

  1. Joy says:

    Wow! Thank you Jake, for making the 50 plus files I sent you into something shareable. We receive requests every month or two for this book. I’ve been putting what we have on a cd and mailing it, all the while agonizing over knowing that there are some errors in our original pdf. How wonderful to be able to refer them to the website, to say nothing of those who will be able to find it in an internet search.

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