Leaving a Living Legacy–Bert N & Anna C. Whitney Family History Committee

Report of Whitney-Nay Family History Over the Past 3 Years (what we know and can remember)

Given at REW Reunion on April 11, 2009

1. Nadine Rolfson and her daughter located Ormus Bates Nay’s grave in Arizona and marked it with a headstone (assisted by other family members including Bert Whitney).

2. Established a family archives with the intention of preserving and safeguarding and sharing family records.

3. Organization of committee to include the next generation.

4. Jeni Goodman and Megan Whitney are producing a family stories ABC book

5. Whitney – Nay Family History website established and maintained by Jacob Breinholt–Currently on the website (It’s just a beginning):

  1. Doris Nay history and selected journal entries
  2. Ralph E. Whitney history
  3. Bert N Whitney history
  4. Book files for The Nays in Utah and the West

6. We are in the process of scanning family photographs and documents to include on the website and to distribute by CD.

7. Collaboration with the Luke Whitney family organization (Julia Rawlins & Judy Ball).

  1. Beth is sifting through genealogical work done by Fenton Whitney to determine if all temple work has been done. She has found more work that can now be completed.
  2. Beth and Joy visited their reunion meeting to help with their organization.
  3. They copied several items from our archive collection to be included in their book—on line at <whitneyhistory.org>
  4. Beth wrote a short history for one of their chapters based on the research she has done in her genealogy classes at BYU.

8. Collaborated with Susan Whipple (at the last GB Whitney reunion) to produce a digitized copy of the George Burton Whitney family record book—have arranged to distribute this to interested family members and to post this on the GB Whitney website (see sidebar link).

9. In collaboration with Mary Syphus to hopefully help her produce a book on her findings about the Syphus family.

10. Under Clark’s direction, held a family reunion in Panaca, Nevada, visiting historic family sites there and reviewing family history that occurred in this area.

11. Jill attended the graveside services of Ora Nay Benson, Doris Nay’s cousin, and became acquainted with these cousins, children of Larry Lee, trading family history information.

12. Beth is pursuing an educational program at BYU with the goal of becoming a professional genealogist. She has researched the family of George Sanders Whitney and Mary Eveline Barnard and is updating the sources in the Whitney pedigree.

13. Temple work

14. Beth has affiliated with and done some work for the Whitney Research Group, an informal group of individuals interested in the scholarly research of Whitney families around the world and throughout history. See sidebar link.

15. Beth and Kim Whitney organized and held an RE Whitney family reunion with the purpose in mind of furthering loving family ties and creating an RE Whitney family organization.

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