Successful REW Family Reunion!

Oh my goodness, what a great time I had at the Easter reunion at Whitney Pockets! I had hoped for no rain to fall on us, but that was not the case. Looking back, I wonder if I needed that rain to keep my feet on the ground. I seemed to float through the 2 days and surely would have disappeared into the beautiful red rocks without a little dampening. The desert was at its best, a flowering carpet of loveliness. The rain provided a beautiful rainbow on Saturday morning. The Easter egg hunt was all it promised to be, with children searching in the rocks and over the wet ground for the prizes in their eggs. It brought back so many memories of me doing the same thing.

The potluck was wonderful–Mark’s shelter saved it from getting too watered down. My sister Adele handed me an umbrella which kept me kind of dry, but added to my Mary Poppins feeling as I shared some family history with interested people who visited the “museum” in Kim’s motor home.

The family meeting was outstanding. There were some great ideas and some tender feelings shared. We’re looking forward to another reunion next year. The decisions of the meeting will hopefully be published right here on the website.

Best of all, to me, was the reuniting of hearts with my dear family. What a treat to see Aunt Laverne and Uncle Keith and Cousin Marilyn (Nay) Catoor. How fun to meet my cousins’ children and grandchildren. What a treat to share the beauty of this place with my own son and grandchildren and my brother and sisters and their children.

Greeting my cousins and visiting with them transported me into the past, and I felt 16 again. After the campfire visit and singing on Friday night, I was ready for the fireworks of our desert storm during the night. It so energized me that the next morning as I looked into the mirror to comb my hair, I was surprised to see an old woman looking back. I love to camp. I love the desert. I love my family. Thanks so much everyone who participated to make this reunion happen–especially Beth and Kim. In my heart it was a resounding success!

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