Fun in Veyo

I had a great time at our Ralph Whitney reunion at the Veyo resort in southern Utah. It was marvelous to visit with my cousins. There is a bond with them that reaches across many years for me. Our times of singing around the campfire and then visiting in the shade by the river were highlights for me. I was sorry that Lucile and her daughter could not attend as they had planned because their plane reservations were out of sync with the available reservations at Veyo. Next time!

What a treat to have Uncle Keith and Aunt Vi and our Aunts Laverne, Lorraine, and Ellice there! We did some reminiscing, some good eating and a little bit or organizational stuff together. There were 65 people in attendance! Thanks so much Kim. You did a fantastic job this year!

Our next reunion is scheduled for 2012 and Adam Whitney is in charge. He said he would be glad for any help from other members of the family. As family representatives, Beth (Whitney) Breinholt, Mark Hansen and Cindy (Nelson) Christensen all said they would help. Elyse (Whitney) Joseph was also enlisted as she walked by.

Hopefully we will get some reunion photos posted to the site to spark our memories and to encourage anyone else who would like to join us to come in 2012. I was inspired by the reunion deadline to finally scan some of the treasures that have been entrusted to me. I gave a set of 5 DVDs to each branch of the family. Contact me if you want some of your own. Grant Whitney, Joel’s son, also is in the process of scanning some of photographs that were in Uncle Howard’s possession. He is willing to share those as well.

Other miscellaneous tidbits: Aunt Laverne would like the recipe to the “cocoanut cookies” that were served. Aloe vera¬† works pretty well on sunburn.¬† The road home is longer than the road to the reunion. And I have addresses in my “autograph book” for some of the cousins if you want to contact them.

Thanks and much love to everyone,



2 Responses to “Fun in Veyo”

  1. Emily Ann says:

    Joy are these reunions only for the Whitney family or do the Nay families join in also?


  2. Joy says:

    They are specifically for the Ralph Whitney/Doris Nay family (Doris is the granddaughter of Ormus Bates Nay), but you or any other cousin would be totally welcome. Maybe it’s time to have another Nay reunion. And thanks for responding, Ann. Sometimes I wonder if anybody reads this site. I also saw your comments about those photos on the Nay-McNee website–thanks for clarifying on that too.

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