David Whitney (Jr)

Last Sunday night several of my sisters and I attended the memorial service for David Wayne Whitney, Howard and Ellice’s grandson. His father, also David Whitney, spoke briefly, sharing some personal memories and spiritual experiences. David’s bishop also spoke, giving us a short doctrinal discourse about death. Harp music served as prelude and postlude and a piano solo was the musical number. The chapel was packed with people back into the cultural hall, most of them young people. The spirit was so sweet that after the closing prayer, no one moved until the bishop rose and dismissed us. Still, though we stood, most of us just stood in place. We were reluctant to leave this place. Many surged to the front to pay respects to family members. Some of us had done that before the service. David’s life was short, but it was significant and carried great impact. Several stories about his accident have been published in local papers including this one.

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