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2013-07-11 11.49.19 2013-07-11 11.48.46 2013-07-11 11.47.37 2013-07-11 11.46.19Annalee and I (Joy) had the occasion to visit the Silver Reef Museum on July 11, 2013. We found it very interesting. There are displays that explain the mining methods used at the time Ormus Bates Nay was living there. Here is an excerpt from the history of Ormus Bates Nay by Beth Breinholt that explains the family connection.

The births of their children tell us a story of constant movement for the little family. Three and a half years later John Herbert Nay was born on April 10, 1878 in Harrisburg, Washington County, Utah (ten miles north of St. George.) (24) Sylvester Bates Nay was born 7 May 1882 in Silver Reef, Washington County, Utah (a few miles west of Harrisburg). (25) His granddaughter, Doris E. Nay Whitney records this information in a history she wrote: “The family then moved to Silver Reef, a silver mining town, just north and west of Leeds, Utah. My grandfather [Ormus Bates] worked in the mines, and my father [Ormus Calvin] and his brother Marley were miners working at the mine when teen-age boys. [My] brother Jim said Ormus worked at the Apex mine out of Santa Clara after he left Silver Reef mine.” (26)

Link to brochure for the Silver Reef and Wells Fargo Museum

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