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1-Babes in the Woods

(sung by Bert N Whitney’s daughters)

2-Google Earth view of the present day location of Sleepy Hollow Ranch

See photo below with overlay from the sketch of the property.

Modern-day boundaries of the ranch: S. Maryland Parkway on the west; E Windmill Lane on the south; S. Eastern Avenue on the east and Robindale Road on the north. The ranch house was in the northeast corner and a large drainage ditch now runs across that corner, just south of the site of the old ranch house. I-215 runs through the property.

On Google maps, you could use an address of about 1468 E Robindale Road to overlook the land. Latitude is about  36° 2’46.27″N and longitude is about 115° 7’38.10″W for the ranch house site.

Sleepy Hollow Ranch Google zip file (Click to download two files.  Click on one of the files to open location in Google Earth. You must have already downloaded Google Earth on your device.)

Sleepy Hollow Ranch on Google Earth

 3-Doris E Whitney sound clip from interview given 2 June 1969 (Voices of Remembrance Foundation Oral History Collection, Dixie State College of Utah, St. George, Utah)

(Transcript in front of the book, Life Well Lived: History of Doris Elizabeth Nay Whitney and Ralph Emanuel Whitney)

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