Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nay, Clifford W.  17 Jul 1875Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6192 Nay 
2 Nay, Harry E.  6 Aug 1872Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6485 Nay 
3 Nay, Hattie M.  30 Mar 1872Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6167 Nay 
4 Puffer, Minnie F.  8 Apr 1871Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6499 Nay 
5 Puffer, Myra L.  14 Aug 1869Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6498 Nay 
6 Puffer, Mary E.  2 Dec 1867Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6497 Nay 
7 Nay, Mabel  22 Jun 1864Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6507 Nay 
8 Nay, George S.  21 Jan 1864Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6200 Nay 
9 Nay, Maurice  Abt 1861Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6164 Nay 
10 Nay, Edson O.  26 Dec 1855Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6202 Nay 
11 Nay, Sarah F.  2 Sep 1842Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5464 Nay 
12 Shedd, Mary J.  14 Mar 1838Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6483 Nay 
13 Nay, John Oscar  30 Jan 1837Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5463 Nay 
14 Puffer, Alvah  8 Jan 1837Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6490 Nay 
15 Nay, James M.  25 Dec 1833Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5456 Nay 
16 Nay, Maria H.  19 Mar 1833Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5461 Nay 
17 Nay, Matilda  13 Apr 1832Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5455 Nay 
18 Puffer, Elizabeth Ann  7 May 1821Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6487 Nay 
19 Nay, Arvilla  28 Nov 1804Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5450 Nay 
20 Nay, Clarissa  19 Apr 1803Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5441 Nay 
21 Nay, Gardner  9 Aug 1801Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5449 Nay 
22 Nay, Cynthia  5 Feb 1799Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5448 Nay 
23 Nay, Pitman  19 Feb 1798Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5439 Nay 
24 Nay, Betsey  Abt 1798Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5475 Nay 
25 Nay, Asdal  12 Mar 1797Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5447 Nay 
26 Nay, Cynthia  1796Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5648 Nay 
27 Nay, Major Samuel  24 Feb 1794Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5446 Nay 
28 Nay, Robert Jr.  1794Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6252 Nay 
29 Nay, Lydia  15 Jul 1791Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5445 Nay 
30 Nay, Barbara  10 Jul 1791Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5437 Nay 
31 Nay, Betsey  3 Nov 1789Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5436 Nay 
32 Nay, Sally  21 Oct 1787Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I3907 Nay 
33 Nay, William IV  14 Oct 1787Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5444 Nay 
34 Nay, Fanny  28 Jan 1786Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I2604 Nay 
35 Robbe, James  6 Nov 1772Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6794 Nay 
36 Puffer, Betsey  11 Aug 1768Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I36 Nay 
37 Nay, Sylvia  <1797>Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5438 Nay 
38 Nay, Samuel  <1801>Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5440 Nay 
39 Nay, Rachel  <1805>Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5442 Nay 
40 Nay, Frank A.  <1863>Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6165 Nay 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nay, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1873Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I5476 Nay 
2 Felt, Mary  24 Dec 1861Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I6172 Nay 
3 Puffer, Betsey  3 Mar 1858Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire I36 Nay 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Nay / McCoy  2 May 1861Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire F2624 Nay 
2 Nay / Felt  13 Apr 1815Peterborough, Hillsboro, New Hampshire F2609 Nay 

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