Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wixam(Wixson), Solomon Wixson or  10 Aug 1752Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4125 Nay 
2 Wixam, Joshua Jr  Jan 1749Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4124 Nay 
3 Wixon, Dorcas  Jun 1746Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4123 Nay 
4 Wixon, Sarah  Jan 1743Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4122 Nay 
5 Wixom, Barnabas II  Jan 1740Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I117 Nay 
6 Chase, William  16 Oct 1732Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4140 Nay 
7 Baker, Patience  27 Feb 1709Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4176 Nay 
8 Baker, Johanna  8 Feb 1707Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4175 Nay 
9 Baker, Josiah  16 Dec 1704Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4174 Nay 
10 Baker, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1703Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4172 Nay 
11 Baker, Judah  21 Mar 1701Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4171 Nay 
12 Baker, Experience  8 Jan 1698Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4170 Nay 
13 Baker, William Jr  8 Jan 1694Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4169 Nay 
14 Baker, Mercy  6 Jan 1692Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4168 Nay 
15 Chase, Jonathan  1692Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4164 Nay 
16 Chase, Desire  1692Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4165 Nay 
17 Chase, William  8 Jul 1688Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4132 Nay 
18 Chase, Isaac  Abt 1685Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4163 Nay 
19 Chase, Jeremiah  1683Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4162 Nay 
20 Chase, Thomas  20 Aug 1679Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4161 Nay 
21 Chase, John  16 Apr 1675Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4160 Nay 
22 Chase, Joseph  1652/1673Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4186 Nay 
23 Chase, Sarah  1670Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4159 Nay 
24 Baker, Hannah  1658Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4202 Nay 
25 Baker, Elizabelle  1656Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4201 Nay 
26 Baker, William Sr  19 Oct 1655Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4166 Nay 
27 Chase, Jacob  1652/1655Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4187 Nay 
28 Baker, Thomas  1654/1655Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4200 Nay 
29 Baker, Daniel  2 Sep 1650Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4199 Nay 
30 Chase, John  16 Apr 1649Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4157 Nay 
31 Baker, Samuel  1 May 1648Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4198 Nay 
32 Baker, John  1 May 1645Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4197 Nay 
33 Chase, William  Abt 1645Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4184 Nay 
34 William III Twin Chase  1644/1645Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4183 Nay 
35 Baker, Nathanial  27 Mar 1642Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4196 Nay 
36 Chase, Mary  1624Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4209 Nay 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chase, Mary  15 May 1637Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4210 Nay 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Josiah  1795Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4174 Nay 
2 Baker, Judah  19 May 1782Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4171 Nay 
3 Chase, Thomas  20 Nov 1767Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4161 Nay 
4 Chase, Isaac  22 May 1759Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4163 Nay 
5 Chase, John  26 Nov 1755Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4160 Nay 
6 Chase, Abraham  17 Oct 1738Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4188 Nay 
7 Wixam, Titus  16 Feb 1718Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4145 Nay 
8 Baker, Daniel  Aft 20 Jul 1713Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4199 Nay 
9 Baker, Thomas  Aft 1703Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4200 Nay 
10 Baker, Nathanial  Dec 1691Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4196 Nay 
11 Chase, William Jr  27 Feb 1685Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4181 Nay 
12 Chase, John  27 Feb 1684Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4157 Nay 
13 Holder, Elizabeth  Bef 1662Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4182 Nay 
14 Townley, Mary  6 Oct 1659Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4208 Nay 
15 Chase, William  4 May 1659Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4207 Nay 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Nathanial  Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4196 Nay 
2 Baker, Francis  Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts I4194 Nay 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Chase / Chase  12 Feb 1757Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F1989 Nay 
2 O'Killey / Chase  25 Mar 1743Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F1975 Nay 
3 Baker / Eldridge  1737Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2056 Nay 
4 Baker / Eddy  25 Sep 1729Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2048 Nay 
5 Chase / Pease  28 Jun 1727Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2030 Nay 
6 Phillips / Baker  25 Aug 1726Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2051 Nay 
7 Chase / Gowell  1726Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2026 Nay 
8 Cash / Baker  9 Nov 1721Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2041 Nay 
9 Wixam / Burgess  1 Apr 1720Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F1966 Nay 
10 Baker / Benit  1720Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2039 Nay 
11 Chase / Baker  20 Sep 1715Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F1309 Nay 
12 Chase / Berry  23 May 1705Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2029 Nay 
13 Chase / Hills  17 Jul 1700Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2022 Nay 
14 Chase / Growel  1696Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2024 Nay 
15 O'Kelley / Chase  1688Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2019 Nay 
16 Chase / Hall?  1688Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2073 Nay 
17 Chase / Henry  1676Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2075 Nay 
18 Chase / Baker  6 Aug 1675Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F1969 Nay 
19 Baker / Chase  27 May 1674Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2070 Nay 
20 Baker / Baker  1673Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2093 Nay 
21 Slade / Chase  Abt 1658Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2113 Nay 
22 Twining / Doane  Mar 1652Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2087 Nay 

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