Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


Excerpts from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


Doris N. Whitney was called for two years as a Stake Missionary in the Moapa Stake in February 1959.  She was set apart on the 22nd of February 1959 by President Bowler.  Her companions were Lola Bryner and Zelma Leavitt.


April 1959


2 hours-Wednesday-proselyting-April 8th

Visited Mrs. Heightman. Very friendly and asked us to come and give the lessons. Made an appointment for the 13th.

1 1/2  hours-Monday-April 13th

Sister Bryner gave the first lesson to Mrs. Heightman.  We enjoyed a very fine spirit this day.

1 hour-Friday-April 17th

Met with Mrs. Heightman and I gave the second lesson on the apostasy.  She seemed very receptive to what we taught her and we felt the spirit of the Lord with us.

1 hour-Monday-April 20th

Met again with Mrs. Heightman.  Sister Leavitt gave the third lesson. Very nice feeling all during our visit.

1 hour-Thursday-April 23

Sister Lola Bryner gave the fourth lesson.  Mrs. Heightman seemed very impressed.

1 1/2 hours-Friday-April 24th

Showed films on the Book of Mormon lesson, to Mrs. Heightman.

1 hour-Monday-April 27th

Sister Zelma gave the fifth lesson to Mrs. Heightman.

1 hour-Wednesday-April 29th

I gave the sixth lesson, and we had a very nice time and fine discussion.



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