Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


May 1959


1 hour-Friday-May 1st

Sister Bryner gave the last lesson and we all felt Mrs. Heightman was very interested in the gospel and will perhaps join the church at a later day if her husband will decide to hear the lessons and accept.

Several hours in cottage meetings, proselyting and missionary meetings.


June 1959


9 hours proselyting

We worked with a sweet little Lamanite woman this month of June and we believe she was just starting to understand our gospel when we finished the lessons.  We planned to work with her later, but she moved away.  The mission president excused me for two months of the summer as we had been spending the summers away from home.


September 1959


2 hours–Tuesday, September 22nd-proselyting.

1 hour–Monday, September 28th-proselyting.

Visited Mrs. Davis. She wanted to wait till her children were older before starting the lessons.  She had them once before in Utah.

1 1/2 hours–Wednesday, September 30th-proselyting.

Visited Mrs. House and made appointment to begin the lessons.


October 1959


1 hour–Tuesday, Oct. 13th-proselyting.

Visited Mrs. Leland Whitmore. Very interested and wants the lessons later, after she studies.  Left her “Marvelous Work and a Wonder”.

1 hour–Friday, Oct. 16th

Lesson 1 to Mrs. House-a very sweet young mother.

1 hour–Wednesday, Oct. 21stl-lesson 2 to Mrs. House.

1 hour–Tuesday, Oct. 27th-lesson 3 to Mrs. House.



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