Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


November 1959


1 1/2 hours–Friday, November 6th.

Showing films to Mrs. House.  We have enjoyed our visits with this sweet young mother and feel she will come into the church, if we can get her husband, and inactive member, to come out to church.

1 hour–Wednesday, Nov. 18th-lesson 5 to Mrs. House.

2 hours–Friday, Nov. 20th-proselyting.

Went to the Overton beach and contacted a couple of middle aged people, the Bohlers.  Were received very well and found them interested, so made an appointment to start teaching them the gospel.

1 hour–Wednesday, Nov. 25th-lesson 6 to Mrs. House.


December 1959


1 hour–Dec. 2nd.-lesson 7 to Mrs. House.

3 hours–Saturday, Dec. 3.

Attended missionary meeting.  Returned missionary, Jerry Hannig gave instructions about giving the lessons, which was a big help to me.

7 hours–Dec. 14-30.

Lesson 2, 3 and 4 and film on the Book of Mormon to the Bohlers.

1 1/2 hours-proselyting

Visited Mrs. Ada Waymire.  She consented for us to give the lessons. Visited Mrs. House, also the Seevells who are new converts to the church and are settling here in Overton.  Also went to see a dear friend of ours, Pearl Whitmore. She has consented to hear the lessons and we hope and pray she will join the Church.  She is such a fine person.



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