Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


January 1960


2 hours–Tuesday, Jan. 5th-lesson 5 to the Bohlers.

2 hours–Tuesday, Jan. 12th.

Lesson 6 to the Bohlers.  This fine couple have been very wonderful to work with.  They have been able to discern the truth and are going to be baptized Saturday on the 16th.  We are very happy for them and feel they will be members for all of us to be proud of.  They live in a trailer at the Overton docks, and plan to make this town their home for the winters.

1 1/2 hours–Wednesday, Jan 13th-proselyting.

Visited Mrs. Waymire and make appointment with her. Also visited Mrs. House and Pearl Whitmore. Made an appointment to start the lessons with Pearl on Monday 25th.

2 hours–Wednesday, Jan. 13th.

The Mission President Bro. Petersen came to interview the Bohlers for baptismal.  We made the baptismal date for Saturday 16th at 5 PM.

2 1/2 hours–Saturday 16th.

Baptismal of the Bohlers.  We had a very spiritual meeting.  President Bowler talked.  It was very thrilling to see the happiness shining from the Bohlers faces as they were baptized and as the Holy Ghost was conferred upon them.  We are very happy that these fine people accepted the gospel.

2 1/2 hours–Tuesday, Jan. 19th-lesson 1.

Lola gave this lesson to a sweet seventeen year old girl, who had contacted us last week, Linda Foster. She had studied some with the missionaries in Shiprock, New Mexico before moving here to Overton.

2 hours–Wednesday, Jan. 20th-lesson 1 to Mrs. Waymire.

1 1/2 hours–Friday, Jan. 22nd-lesson 2 to Linda Foster.

I gave this lesson.

2 1/2 hours–Monday, Jan. 25th.

Lesson 1 to Pearl Whitmore and Lesson 3 to Linda Foster.  She told us she was ready to be baptized and knows that we are teaching her the truth.  So we told her we would give two lessons Wednesday and two Friday, then have the Mission President interview her Friday, and we set the baptismal date for 5 o’clock Saturday the 30th of January, as we are sure she is ready for baptismal.

2 1/2 hours–Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Lesson 2 to Mrs. Waymire, and Lesson 4 and 5 to Linda Foster.  She told us her friends were so happy for her and would be to the baptismal.  She has been going to church here for some time.

1 1/2 hours–Friday, Jan. 29.

Lesson 6 and 7 to Linda Foster.  Mission President 1st councilor Bro. Hutchings interviewed Linda and found her ready for baptismal.  Had a disappointing phone call from Mrs. Ada Waymire, whom we had given two lessons to, saying she didn’t want to hear anymore lessons.  We had hoped and prayed we would be able to touch her heart, and that she could see we were teaching the true gospel.

2 hours–Saturday, Jan. 30, 1960.

Baptismal for Linda Foster.  We are so happy for Linda.  We had a very fine impressive service.  Bishop Wells spoke.  Bishop Porter baptized her and Bishop Wells ordained her.  Four or five of her girlfriends were there, also her boyfriend. We feel through Linda, many of her family will come into the church.  She has such a sweet spirit and is so anxious to learn about the gospel.



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