Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


February 1960


1 hour–Monday, Feb. 1st.

Gave lesson 2 to Pearl Whitmore.  Pearl is a dear friend to Zelma, Lola and I, and we feel very humble for the privilege of teaching the gospel to her.  Fasted and prayed that Pearl can accept the gospel.

1 hour–Friday, Feb. 5th-proselyting.

We went up the valley and visited a Japanese family.  The wife joined the church some time ago.  We talked with the husband, Paul Ozaki and he consented for us to give the lessons, starting Monday night at 8 pm. Postponed lessons to Paul till next week.

1 hour–Tuesday, Feb. 9th.

Lesson 3 to Pearl Whitmore. Lola gave the lesson.

1 hour–Thursday, Feb. 11th-proselyting.

Visited Mary Yamashita and Mrs. Cook. Will call later to make appointments.

1 hour–Monday, Feb. 15th.

Lesson 4 to Pearl. Then spent 1/2 hour visiting Mrs. Cook and Mary Yamashita.  Made appointment to give Lesson 1 to Mrs. Cook Tuesday 16th at 3 o’clock.  Also checked with Mary Yamashita and made appointment to give lesson 1 to her and husband Wednesday 18th at 8 pm.

1 hour–Tuesday, Feb. 16th.

Gave lesson 1 to Mrs. Cook at 3 pm.

1 hour–Tuesday, Feb. 16th.

Gave lesson 1 to Paul Ozaki at 8 pm.  We felt the spirit of the Lord was with us in this home.  This couple are very friendly and we had a wonderful feeling while in their home.

1 hour–Wednesday, Feb. 17th.

Gave lesson 1 to the Yamashitas.  This is also a very friendly Japanese family and we hope they will accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.

1 hour–Monday, Feb. 22.

Gave lesson 2 to Mrs. Cook.  Her husband is a member, although not an active one.  He had poor health and they came to our town for that reason.  They are from Rupert, ID.  Have raised their family in the church and we hope Mrs. Cook will see the importance of being baptized.  We feel she believes the gospel is true but has just neglected to do anything about the Church.  She isn’t affiliated with any other church.



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