Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


March 1960


1 hour

At my house giving the film on the Book of Mormon lesson to Pearl Whitmore.

1 hour

Lesson 3 to Mrs. Cook.  We approached her for baptismal date, she feels she wants to wait for a while.  We hope we can get her to agree to a date before long as we feel she is ready to be baptized. (She moved back to Idaho before any more lessons could be given.)

1 hour

Lesson 2 to Paul Ozaki.  Had a very good evening with these fine people.

1 hour–Wednesday, March 2nd, 8 o’clock.

Lesson 2 to Mary Yamashita and husband.  This family has a fine spirit in their home.  The three small ones are very quiet and reverent. 

1 hour–Monday, March 7th

Gave film to Pearl. 1 hour-We gave lesson 3 to Paul Ozaki.

1 1/2 hours–Monday, March 21st.

Zelma gave lesson 5 to Pearl Whitmore. We feel Pearl is accepting the truths we are teaching and in due time will come into the church.  But her husband being inactive and bitter against the church, it may take longer for her to accept.

1 1/2 hours–We gave lesson 4 to Paul Ozaki.  We had a fine discussion after the lesson and feel that he believes the gospel is true.

1 hour–Friday, March 25th.

We gave lesson 6 to Pearl Whitmore.  There was a very good spirit felt in Pearl’s home and a fine discussion after the lesson was given.


April 1960


1 hour–Sunday, March 27th

Lola and I went to Mary Yamashita’s home to give lesson 3.  These fine people seem very interested, but are very busy this time of the year, shipping onions and radishes, so have postponed any more appointments till after Easter. Then their vegetable crop will be over.  April has been quite a slow month in our missionary work, as we are still waiting for the Japanese families to finish with their crops.  We talked with Mary Yamashita today and she says they are almost finished so we hope to finish our work with them and do hope and pray they are ready to accept the gospel.

April 19th

We visited Lillian Whitmore and made appointment to give her lesson one, on Wednesday, 20th of April.  Then gave her lesson 2 on the 25th of April.  We are very pleased with the wonderful reception she gives us and she tells us she wants to join the church.  She is studying and we are sure she will make a good member.  Her husband is L.D.S., but has been inactive for many years, but Lillian has him coming out to church for the past few months, and he has such a different attitude now toward the church and the people who are active.  We gave Pearl Whitmore the last lesson Friday.  She wants to study so she can be sure for herself that this is the true gospel.  So we left her “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder”, also the Book of Mormon and other tracts.  We shall keep in touch with her and so hope before our last year of this mission is finished, that Pearl will accept and join this church.  Our Stake Mission is going on the second year now, but it seems we have just started.



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