Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


May 1960


Sunday, May 1st.

Had a wonderful thrill today as Mr. and Mrs. House was to testimony meeting and had their sweet little 7 month old baby girl named and blessed.  We have hoped and prayed that they would have the baby blessed and that they will continue to come to church and that Mrs. House will be baptized in due time.  I feel she has been waiting for her husband to come out with her, and that if he will continue to come out and again become active, that she will join the Church of Jesus Christ.

May 2nd

Met with Lillian Whitmore today for lesson 3.

May 16th

Met at Lola’s for lesson 4 with Lillian Whitmore. We feel she is gaining knowledge of the gospel.  She opened our meeting with a very nice prayer.

May 23rd

We met at my house to five Lillian W. the film on the Book of Mormon.  She seemed very impressed and we had a fine discussion after the film was over.

May 31

We met at my house to give the film strip of Joseph to Lillian Whitmore.  Had a fine discussion after the film.


June 1960


June 1

Had a study hour with Lola and Zelma today.

June 6

Gave lesson 5 to Lillian W. today and made appointment for lesson 6.  After lesson 6 she said as soon as she could overcome the habit of smoking she wanted to be baptized.  I was gone the rest of June and then was home a few days in July.  We made three visits and had a study period, then Ralph and I left for the remainder of July and all of August.


September 1960


Sept. 1

We made 3 visits, one new and two revisits.

Sept. 2

Made two visits and gave lesson 5 to Mrs. McCartney, whom Lola and Zelma had been working with while I was away.

Sept. 7

Gave lesson 6 to Mrs. McCartney.  She seems to believe what we are teaching and may come into the church later.

Sept. 12

Made two visits today, one new and one revisit.

Sept. 20

Made two visits. One to Mrs. McCartney and one to Lillian W.  We set the date for her baptism for Friday the 23rd.

Sept. 21

Met with Lillian and the Mission President for her interview. Had a fine meeting and found she was ready to be baptized.  We are very happy for her and feel she will be able to overcome her weakness through the help of the Lord.

Sept. 23

Had a wonderful meeting prior to Lillian’s W. baptismal.  Our Bishop Porter gave a fine talk, that I’m sure will help Lillian very much.  Jim Whitmore, her step son baptized her and Bishop Porter confirmed her.

Sept. 26

Met with Glen Perkins and wife.  Wife not a member. Gave lesson 1.



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