Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


October 1960


Oct. 3

Gave lesson two to Mrs. Glen Perkins, then next morning left for Salt Lake to attend R. S. Conference, and stayed for two days of General Conference.  Had a very spiritual feast.  Seemed all the speakers talked on the importance of missionary work.

Oct. 12

Made four visits, one new and three revisits.

Oct. 13

Visited Mrs. G. Perkins and the French’s.

Oct. 14

Gave the film on the Book of Mormon lesson to Paul Ozaki.

Oct. 18

Gave lesson 4 to the Yamashita’s and returned on the 25th to give the films on the Book of Mormon lesson.

Oct. 27

Made two revisits.

Oct. 31

Gave lesson 5 to the Yamashita’s and had a very fine discussion.  This family is very interested in the gospel and we feel they will come into the church in the near future.  They are very humble people and we feel the spirit of the Lord whenever we are in their home.


November 1960

Nov. 4

Gave Mrs. Glen Perkins lesson 3. Also visited Mrs. McCartney.

Nov. 11

Gave the Yamashita’s lesson 6.  Returned on the 14th and gave them lesson 7.  They asked us to give additional instructions pertaining to the church, so we made an appointment to return on the 28th.

Nov. 16

Gave Mrs. Glen Perkins lesson 4.  Also visited Mrs. McCartney and Katherine Perkins.  Make appointment to give the lessons to her.

Nov. 21

Gave Mrs. Glen Perkins the film on the Book of Mormon lesson.

Nov. 28

Gave a lesson on the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon to the Yamashita’s.  They set a date for the 17th of December to be baptized.  We are very happy that this family has consented to join the true church.  Also gave lesson 1 to Mrs. Katherine Perkins.

Nov. 30

Gave second film on the Book of Mormon lesson to Mrs. Glen Perkins.


December 1960


Dec. 4

Met with a dear lady that we had given lesson 1 to in early Nov., Barbra Vinecare.  Made appointment for lesson 2, but her parents made such a fuss, she decided not to have us come anymore.  She is divorced and has two boys and one girl.  Boys are aged 11 and 9, girl 6.  When we met with her on Dec. 4th she wanted the rest of the lessons, so we decided to have her come to Mrs. Bryners home.  The next three days we gave her the next 3 lessons.  She had been reading and studying the literature and also had read the Book of Mormon.  It was a pleasure to work with this sweet person.  She was so eager to hear the gospel.  She said she wanted to be baptized but would wait till after Christmas because of the unpleasantness it would cause with her parents.


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