Excerpt from the Stake Missionary Journal of Doris Whitney


Dec. 6

Visited the Yamashitas and also with Mrs. McCartney.

Dec. 9

Gave lesson 2 to Mrs. Katherine Perkins.  Also gave last two lessons to Mrs. Vinecare.

Dec. 11

Visited with Yamashita’s and Paul Ozaki.

Dec. 16

Gave lesson 3 to Katherine Perkins.  The Yamashita’s decided to postpone their baptismal date to the 13th of January because of the busy time before Christmas.

Dec. 19

Gave lesson 5 to Mrs. G. Perkins.  We had a few revisits and some study hours, but made no more appointments, except with Mrs. Glen Perkins.

Dec. 21

Gave Mrs. Glen Perkins lesson 6 and on the 23rd of December gave lesson 7.  She isn’t ready to join the church, but wants to study more.  She has a very sweet spirit and we are sure if her husband would become active, she would come into the church.


We sold our home in Overton and moved to St. George, Utah between Christmas and New Years.  My mission call was almost up, would have been in Feb. 1961.  I would liked to have finished and I was really enjoying our work and hated to leave all our dear friends, but here we know we can do more temple work and I know it’s just as important to save our dead.


Jan 13, 1961

I went to Logandale for the baptismal of the Yamashita’s, a family of four were baptized and also Barbra Vinecare and her two boys were baptized.  It was a very thrilling and happy experience to attend this baptismal.  Barbra’s parents had made her very unhappy because of their strong feeling against the Mormon Church, but we, as missionaries, do pray that they will mellow toward her joining the Church of Jesus Christ, and will again love her and feel she did what was right.


Doris N. Whitney


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