From the Journal of Doris Nay Whitney


Nov. 6, 1983


            I was looking at old pictures yesterday, picking a few out to take copies of, and this is one of them.  I thought some of my grandchildren or others in our family might like to hear the story of our horseback trip from St. Thomas to the upper Moapa Valley.  We left St. Thomas that beautiful late Spring morning and reached Overton, about 9 AM.  We needed to buy something at Lyon’s drug store, and just before we mounted our horses, Bro. Lyon wanted to take a picture of us standing by our horses.  First is Laura Gentry with her grey saddle horse, next is Stella Hannig with a bay horse, and next is Doris Nay with a fast quarter horse (Fritz), then Edith Frehner with her white blaze face.  This trip was taken before it got too hot in Spring of 1918.

            Fritz belonged to Laura’s brother Sam, who gave me permission to ride him a lot, while he left him on our ranch on the Virgin River 4 miles from St. Thomas.

            We left Overton to start the rest of our trip to the upper Muddy, which was around 25 or 30 miles from St. Thomas.  Laura and I were used to riding a lot so we were taking the trip well, but Stella and Edith only rode once and a while, so it was a rough trip for them, and we had to rest some, so they could keep going.

            We reached our destination just before dark.  We camped just across the road from the ranch of Isaiah and Annie Cox.  They were good friends of my parents when we lived on the upper Muddy, and I was 9 years old.  We called them uncle and aunt.  We had a few groceries, at least enough for supper, and Laura drank coffee, which she made over the campfire.  She got us girls to have a cup with her and not being used to coffee, none of us except Laura slept very much.  I had gone to see Aunt Annie after we got there and she wanted us to come stay with them, but I told her we wanted to camp, so she loaned us a couple of blankets and two big quilts, which was better than sleeping on our saddle blankets.

            The next morning she sent her husband to check on us and come over for a good hot breakfast, which we were happy to do.  Then we visited till lunch time and Aunt Annie had made one of the best cakes I ever ate with plenty of milk and sandwiches.

            I don’t remember about all going back together.  I’m sure James and Allen came up in our old Model T car.  Laura and I rode back on our horses.  Allen rode the white and led the bay Stella rode.  The two girls that didn’t ride said they never wanted to go on another horse back trip with us, because we rode too fast for them.

                                                                        Doris N. Whitney

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