My Special Thanks

from Luella M. Kurtz Faucett

To Joan Nay and Beth Breinholt who started this project in the first place, and for their constant encouragement along the way.  To The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family Search Program, for the use of the materials researched from that program and the materials from the Genealogy Department.

To Ardis Parshall, researcher for Piute County, Utah, for her Historical Directory that she has so graciously shared with our family.  To Mr. Dennis Casebier, a historian in the Goff and Needles, California area, who has been so helpful to me in the history of Uncle Tim and Uncle George and their families.  Without his help, we would have had practically nothing on those families.  To Mr. Tom Schweich, for his knowledge on Barnwell, San Bernardino, California, who enlightened me about that area and why Uncle Tim might have been there.  To Mrs. Dan Herring, for her kindness of letting me quote her husband’s material about our family in Kimberly, Utah.

To my cousins, Joline Smith Payne and her daughter in-law, Jolynn Payne for sending me family pictures via e-mail and for Nay family research that Joline has saved over the years.  Also, thanks to Joline for helping me get acquainted with new cousins, the ancestors of Myron Nay.  To Duane Nay, for the foresight to ask questions of old timers of Monroe, Utah who knew our grandfather, Elmer Carr Nay, and to have written down their memories.  Also for his personal journals that gave me information on his father and mother and brothers.  To Wilma and Bob Nay and their son, John C. Nay, for their research materials they shared with me and their verbal help and encouragement.

My thanks go to all of my cousins that I have talked to that have shared their personal family genealogy and encouraged me to stay with the timelines of Elmer and his brothers, in order to complete them.  To my deceased Uncles, Reu and Lester, for their memories of their father and having the love to write it down for the rest of us.  To my deceased brother Marvin, sister Evelyn, and cousins Bob and Demont, their deaths during the writing of these time lines have been an added incentive for me to make sure the rest of us know our ancestors before it is time for us to return to our Father in Heaven, where they and others are now.

Above all, I thank My Heavenly Father, for all of the little miracles that came about as I struggled to find information for these time lines. There were many!  IT HAS BEEN A LABOR OF LOVE!


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