Recently a record was found in which a granddaughter-in-law indicates that Thirza died October 1, 1895, but no place of death is given.[84] As the book is going to press, another letter from a grandson came to light which gives the death date of “Grandmother Nay” as May 10, 1872.[85] While the details about “Grandma Thirza” remain a puzzle, and these death dates have not been verified, they may provide a springboard for further research. We do note a few interesting things about Thirza.  Several granddaughters born after she separated from John in 1858 carry her name “Thirza”–suggesting she was still revered in the hearts of her children.  Secondly, the letter to the Nevada Board of Pardons is curiously dated from Monroe, Utah-where it states that Ormus’ father is in failing health-again, suggesting some connection or communication with her family.

Who knows what finally happened to Thirza?  Until more sources become available and credible information surfaces, we can only speculate on her fate.  And until then, the search continues.

The editors of this book suggest the following epitaph be applied to our third great grandmother, Thirza Angelina Hale Nay: “May her rest be sweet and her salvation sure . . . [Her] faults we write upon the sand; [her] virtues we chisel upon tablets of love and memory.”[86]


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