Mary was an excellent cook.  She wasted nothing and utilized everything.  She insisted that “you eat your food.”  Her granddaughter, Leola, remembers her always wearing a big white apron with a pocket full of peppermint candies that she gave to the children when they were good.  She was about 5’4″ and a little plumpish.  She was always loving and never angry.  She loved crocheting and sewing and she made herself a set of temple garments out of white flannel.  The style then was sleeves to the wrist, legs to the ankles, and a neck with a high collar.

Temple work was very important to Mary and she received a call to work in the Manti Temple.  She was in her 70′s.  She moved to Manti and honored this calling.  When Mary died she left behind many candy boxes filled with the names of the persons for whom she did the ordinance work.  Mary is a “savior on Mount Zion.” I am sure there were many people for whom she did their temple work that greeted her as she passed through the veil.

Shortly before she died, however, when she was about 81, she fell and broke her hip.  Lucy and Laura, her daughters, tenderly cared for her.  She had her own home.  Throughout her life, her hands had always been busy hands and after she could no longer engage in physical activities, her toil worn, gnarled hands continued to be useful and busy.  I have a beautiful mental picture of her sitting in the big window of her small home, cutting and sewing with minute stitches tiny pieces of material that formed her lovely quilt blocks.  She pieced dozens of quilt tops.

Mary Wilson Nay she possessed great faith and with conviction lived the principles of the gospel.  Her name is not found in the annals of man, but in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  She is numbered with the faithful who have overcome all things and endured until the end.

Mary Wilson Nay-a stalwart 6 year old pioneer, an obedient, faithful daughter who lovingly cared for her parents in their afflictions even until their deaths; a devoted, loving wife, sustaining and honoring her husband and their marriage vows, truly his helpmeet; a kind, warmhearted, dedicated mother with compassion for all; a true, loyal daughter of our Heavenly Father; a savior on Mount Zion.  By people such as this was this valley settled, the desert made to blossom like a rose and the gospel to flourish and go forth from Zion.

Mary died in her home in Marysvale, Utah and is buried in Marysvale.  Her husband, William Edwin Nay, died January 5, 1895, and is buried in Monroe, Utah.  There is a Black Hawk War inscription on his grave.

Above accounts from personal knowledge and records of Mary Wilson’s daughter, Lucy Nay James, and grand daughters, Leola Pearson and Grace Utley.  The Personal History of Lucy Nay James is in the possession of Grace Utley.


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