Their fifth child was Margaret Ann Warren.  She was born March 18,1864 in Spanish Fork.  She moved with her mother to Eureka, Nevada and later to California.  Margaret married first, William Alfred Manion; second she married Enoch J. Vessing, whom she later divorced.  She died January 20, 1948 in Santa Clara, California and was buried in Colma, California. (6)

William James Warren was next.  He was born in Spanish Fork January 13, 1866.  Tradition says that he walked with a limp, perhaps from polio or some other childhood disease or mishap.  He married an Icelandic girl by the name of Rannveig Jonsdottir.  Rannveig died February 27, 1897 in Spanish Fork.  On April 8, 1908, William married another Icelander, Groa Jonsdottir.  They moved to Cardston, Alberta, Canada.  They are mentioned in the Cardston First Ward records.  William died in Cardston July 26, 1931. (7)

The seventh and final child born to Charles and Laura was Harriet Matilda Warren.  She was born January 12, 1868 in Spanish Fork.  Harriet married Joseph G. Kearney.  She died in San Francisco, California Nov 27, 1940. (8)

Charles Wesley Warren and Laura Ann Nay received a temple divorce March 1, 1870. (9) No records are currently available that gives any details concerning this divorce.  It has been family tradition that Laura expressed concern for Charles’ welfare as she was leaving.  Charles married his neighbor, Mariah Cable Mayer. (10) She had been the wife of George Mayer.  They had a son, Edward H. Warren, born January 1873 in Spanish Fork.  Shortly after this, Mariah left Charles and married Matthias Creer.  The 1880 census shows Edward living with his mother and stepfather. (11)

After leaving Charles, Laura Ann went to Nevada; in the town of Toano, County of Elko, she married Levi Emery Eno, July 8, 1871.  (Elko Co. Records Volume 1 Page 18.)  Sometime in the next two years, Laura married a man by the name of Greer.  She had a daughter, which she named Mary Elizabeth Greer. (12) Mary  was born 18 March 18, 1874, in Eureka, Nevada.  Mary married  first, Theodore W. Sollman, whom she divorced, and second, William G. Utschig, whom she also divorced.  Third, she married George Hoffman.  She died in Berkeley, California. (13)

John Saunders Capron and Laura A. Warren were married December 12, 1875 in Eureka, Eureka County, Nevada.  The 1880 Census, Eureka, Nevada shows J.S. Capron with Laura as husband and wife with children Maggie, Hattie, and Mamie.  We would assume they are Margaret Warren, Harriet Warren, and Mary Elizabeth Greer.  The 1880 Census, Spanish Fork, Utah, shows Laura as a mother-in-law with her daughter, Angeline, and Angeline’s husband, Anders Holm.   William and Harriet are also listed.  A lot was going on with Laura between when she left Charles Warren and when she married John Capron.  She was probably emotionally as well as financially bereft.

Laura Ann Nay died 16 June 16, 1887 in San Francisco, California at the age of 44, probably of heart trouble.   (The 1880 census listed her as age 49, which would have made her 56 at death.)  Laura A. Capron and John Saunders Capron are buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, San Francisco, California. (14)

Laura’s grandson, Marcus Warren circled the following statement on a genealogy worksheet: “Laura Ann Nay was married four times.  I believe that we have found those four.”


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