John Hyrum Nay married Laura Marinda Burgess in Pine Valley, Washington County, Utah on October 20, 1867.  John farmed in Pine Valley for a short time and then sold his property.  By February 1869 the family had moved to Cedar Fort. Their first child, Thirza Marinda was born in Cedar Fort on February 25, 1869.  Another daughter was born January 31, 1871 and was named Matilda Angeline. John farmed and had a job with the Pony Express.

By 1873 the Nay family had moved to Milburn, Utah and purchased a farm.

Seven more children were added to the family of John and Laura in Milburn.  They were:  John Whelock born October 5, 1873 and known as “Whelock;”  Willie S. born March 21,1876, dying shortly after birth; Mary Lillian, called Lillian, born August 21, 1878;  Ida Menetta, born July 20, 1881; Don Edwin, called “Ed,” born January 13, 1884; Richard Shirley, called “Shirl,” born July 5, 1886.  Nellie Bell, the ninth child, born September 19, 1888.

The oldest daughter Thirza Marinda married George Wheeler in 1887. He was a sheep rancher.  His property was next to the Nays.  Their first child, a boy, died shortly after birth and is buried under a wild rose bush on the Wheeler place.  On July 28, 1889 Thirza Miranda was expecting another baby. Her husband was away with the sheep.  The baby started to come, and she tried to get to her parents home, but did not make it.  She was found by her mother Laura, lying in a field.  Both Thirza and the baby, another boy, had died.  They are both buried in the John Wheeler lot next to her parents, John and Laura Nay.

Another tragedy followed just five days later on August 2, 1989 when Laura Marinda died, probably from the shock of finding her daughter Thirza Marinda and her grandson both dead.  She left seven living children, the youngest Nellie, just eleven months old.  Laura is buried in the Fairview cemetery also in the John Hyrum Nay lot.

John Hyrum married Nicoline Gjettrup in 1890.  They had three sons, all born in Milburn. Two died as infants. The first son named Hinum was born August 30, 1891 and died on September 25,1891. The second son, Ormus Peter, was born March 1893, and lived a full life.  Their third son Morton was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1896 and died five days later on December 30, 1896.  Both Hinum and Morton Nay are buried in the John Hyrum Nay lot.

By 1900 John Hyrum and his second wife, Nicoline, were living in Circleville, Piute County, Utah.  They lived in a rented house while he was farming.  Ida, Edwin, Richard, and Ormus were still at home.  This information was according to the 1900 U.S. census.  The 1910 census stated the family was still in Circleville.  John Hyrum owned a farm.  All the children were gone except Ormus Peter.

Sometime before 1917, John and Nicoline had moved back to Sanpete County and were living in Mt. Pleasant when John died on January 21,1917.  He is buried next to his first wife, Laura Marinda Burgess Nay, in Fairview. The Fairview cemetery record states cause of death as blood poisoning. Other facts on the record are: John Hyrum Nay had a good reputation all his life, dark complexion, no scars, was a farmer all his life and was married at the time of his death.  He had a plush white casket and brick vault. His burial date was January 23, 1917.

After John Hyrum’s death, Nicoline married Martin Bohne.  She died on April 8, 1932 and is buried in Mt Pleasant, Sanpete County, Utah.


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