Chapter 9


by Wilma Nay


ngeline Relief was the youngest child of Thirza Angeline Hale and John Nay, Jr. according to the Journal History of the Church. This is on file at the Church Archives in the Historical Department in Salt Lake City, Utah.  John and Thirza had completed their journey west on October 12, 1852 with the Allen Weeks Company arrival in Salt Lake City. (1)  John and eight others of his family came with the Weeks Company. This count would include John and his wife Thirza Angeline and six children.

John and Thirza Angelina lived in Cedar Fort, Cedar County area.  The family lived in Stone City a small settlement near the Oquirrh Mountains.(2) Angeline Relief was with them at this time. Thus, Angeline Relief was born after her parents arrived in Utah Territory, the seventh living child of John and Thirza and born in Cedar Valley, Utah.  She was blessed by her father, John Nay, Jr., on May 6, 1855 in the Cedar Fort ward.(3)

The 1860 Census shows Angeline Relief living with Lysander and Matilda Nay Dayton in Lake City, Utah County, Utah, a settlement between Cedar Valley and American Fork, Utah.(4)  Apparently Angeline Relief was living with Matilda and Lysander.

The 1860 Census of Springville, Utah County shows John living in Springville, Utah with his boys, John Hyrum, Joseph Brigham, Ormus, and William E., but no mention is made of Angeline Relief at this time. (5) (Laura A, 17 years old is listed as living next door with Charles N(?) Warren with a one-year-old girl Laura A. and a five month old baby Charles H.  Laura is probably John and Thirza’s daughter born in May of 1843.)

The next record found of the family is in Pine Valley, Utah.  The Pine Valley Ward records show John Nay and Thankful Lucy Pine, his wife, living in Pine Valley.(6) Angeline Relief does not show up in these records.  These listings show blessings, baptisms and priesthood callings.  Angeline may not have been in the Pine Valley Ward at an age when these ordinances were noted.


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