The next record listing Angeline Relief  is from the St. George Ward Record of Members.(7) Her death is recorded as Angeline Ney born in Cedar Fort, Utah County but no birth date is given.  Her parents are listed as John and Angeline Nay.  Her death date is also missing with the cause of death being “Fever.”  As a matter of interest two of Lysander and Matilda “Ney” Dayton’s children are listed on the same film.  Arthur U Jane (Eugene) Dayton died January 26, 1865 and Permelia Dayton died April 22, 1863 when eleven days old.  All of these deaths were among the many deaths that happened to the families of the early settlers in Southern Utah.  Malaria, diseases like whooping cough, measles, and accidents took the life of a high percentage of the young children.  A look at the cemetery records shows us that several people who died around the same time that Angeline did died specifically of typhoid fever.(8) Some families lost nine and ten children during the first two years of their children’s lives.

The St. George Cemetery records show Angeline Relief ‘s death date as June 1864. She is buried in an unmarked grave in lot 76 of the St. George cemetery. (9)  The cemetery records her grave as an unmarked location.  Dr. Higgins made report on cause of death. The  owner of plot is listed as C. L. Riding, and the plot was acquired October 24, 1863.

The next records examined were St. George Baptism for the Dead.(10) This shows Angeline Relief Nay had her baptism ordinance done on January 22,1878.  The work was done by Emily Spencer at the “Instance” of Lucy Nay.  Emily Spencer is listed as a friend.  Angeline’s birth date and place are recorded as April 3, 1854 in Cedar Fort, Utah, Utah with a death date of June 15, 1864.

The next day on the January 23, 1878 Thankful Lucy Pine Nay, Stepmother, performed the endowment for Angeline Relief Nay as evidenced on another record.(11) Angeline’s birth date is listed as September 3, 1852 in Cedar Valley, Utah, a variance of a couple of years from the previous day’s record.  Her death date is listed as 1864.

The birth date confusion surrounding Angeline Relief must stem from this account.  September 3, 1852 has been shown as being incorrect as evidenced by the arrival statistics of the Allen Weeks Company into the Salt Lake Valley of  October 12, 1852 and the Census records of 1865 showing Angeline Relief being born in Cedar Valley.  One theory postulated is that Emily Spencer came to the temple with the birth and death dates written down because she wasn’t a close member of the family and wasn’t relying on her memory.  Lucy, on the other hand, may have tried to quote the dates from memory, only listing 1864 as the death date, whereas Emily Spencer knew the complete date of June 15,1864.

We know from the records that Angeline Relief  was born to Thirza Angelina Hale and John Nay in Cedar Valley, Utah and died at a young age in St. George, Utah.  Her necessary ordinances of baptism, endowment and sealing to parents have all been accomplished.  The sealing to parents was performed in the Provo Temple on June 15, 1963.

Her sister Matilda reports, according to the Logan Temple records, that Angelina was born in 1853 in Cedar Fort, Utah and died in 1864.  Matilda was baptized for her on October 1, 1901.(12) So we have yet another possible date to think about.


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