After Myron’s birth, Thankful and John Nay brought their combined families to a newly established settlement in southern Utah called Pine Valley, Washington County, Territory of Utah.  A small hill south of this village was named after the “Ney” family. (29) They lived in Pine Valley from 1860 to 1888.  During their stay in this mountain valley, four children were born to them:  George John, born July 24, 1862; Ormun Russel, (a.k.a. “Tim”), born March 23, 1865; Elmer Carr, born June 9, 1867; and Samuel Nay, born and died the same day in 1869. (30)  A different source cites 1874 as the year of this “unnamed infant’s” birth and death. (31)

Both John and Thankful demonstrated their faith in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by fully participating in the ordinances of the House of the Lord.  Shortly after the St. George Temple was dedicated, (32) Wilford Woodruff, a member of the Council of the Twelve and the first temple president of the St. George Utah Temple, officiated in the sealing ordinance for Thankful and John Nay on March 2,1877, over a month prior to its final dedication service. (33)  As was customary at the time, John and Thankful kept a ledger book of the temple ordinances they performed on behalf of their kindred dead; many of these ordinances were performed up through the year 1881. (34)

In the year 1888, John and Thankful moved their household up to Circleville, Piute County, Territory of Utah.  Circleville Ward recorded their membership, transferring them from Pine Valley to Circleville on December 16, 1888. (35) A short time later, they moved to Monroe, Sevier County, Territory of Utah.

When John and Lucy were living in Monroe, Sevier County, John was lame. Lucy provided the income by growing potatoes. She would drive them in a large wagon to be weighed. The men in charge would make bets as to Lucy’s weight. She was six feet tall and large boned, but she was agile. Lucy would jump off the wagon before they could weigh her. The size of her family was always the brunt of jokes. Keeping herself and her large family members in food and clothing was a lifetime struggle. (38)

It was while living in Monroe that John passed away from the effects of aging on October 1, 1892.  He was buried two days later on October 3, 1892 in the Monroe City Cemetery.  After John’s passing, Thankful returned to her former home in Circleville.  While living there, she passed away from the effects of aging on July 29, 1897. (36, 37)  Thankful’s remains were buried beside those of her husband, John, in the Monroe City Cemetery, Monroe, Sevier County, Utah. (39)


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