1. Endowment House Records where birth year recorded as 1831 in two locations (FHL Film #183,394).  One entry records her birth year as 1830 (FHL Film #183,374).

2. In New York State, a “town” is a geographic district within a county.  It is not a city or a village.

3. Main Section Archive Family Group Record, originally created and submitted by Grant Packard of San Luis Obispo, California (submitted ca. 1966) Note that this record references several other documents.

4. Op. Cit., Packard

5. Op. Cit., Packard

6. Op. Cit., Packard

7. Op. Cit., Packard

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12. Temple Index card, Circleville Ward, Panguitch Stake,Utah, Records Book 10959, p. 30.

13. St. George, Utah, 3rd Ward (Old). FHL film #30027336

14. Op. Cit., Packard

15. Charter member of the Nauvoo Female Relief Society, organized in 1842, under the direction of Joseph Smith, Jr. (See Documentary History of the Church).

16. Springville Ward Records.

17. Early Church Information File.

18. Springville Ward Records.

19. With the public admission by Church authorities in the year 1852 and prior to the issuance of the Manifesto in 1889, plural marriage was openly practiced within and among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-a practice where a select number of faithful priesthood holders in the church were allowed to, if not commanded, marry more than one wife.  Generally speaking, the practice of taking more than one wife gave those women who participated the safety and protection afforded of having a husband to see to them and the needs of their children-within the bonds of matrimony.  Such a consideration was made all the more prescient as these pioneer Saints were facing life in the hostile environment comprising the regions now known as the inter-mountain West.

20. Springville Ward Records.

21. FHL film # 183,374 (Special Collections), p. 21.

22. FHL film # 183,394 (Special Collections).

23. According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Archives, records indicate that President Brigham Young granted Joseph Kelley a divorce from one of his plural wives. The bill of divorcement was forwarded for signatures on Sept 13, 1859, from the Office of the President to Bishop Silas Smith of Provo, Utah. The policy at the time was to make three copies of the divorce papers. One copy was to be retained by Brigham Young and the other two copies were sent to the Bishop Silas Smith in Provo, Utah for signature. One of the two additional copies should have been returned to President Young, and the other copy retained by the involved parties.  The return copy could not be located.  Circumstances indicate that the two signatures on this document most probably were Joseph Kelley and Thankful. Recorded memories of Delia Nay Smith and Clifton Reu Nay (grandchildren of John and Thankful) support the notion that with Joseph Kelley’s consent, Thankful was a key figure in providing initial assistance with John’s family, and that a mutual decision was reached leading to the divorce request and the eventual marriage between John and Thankful (This information is recorded on cassette tape by Robert E. Nay, nephew, in June 1978 at the home of Clifton Reu Nay, now deceased.  Cassette currently in possession of John C. Nay, son of Robert E. Nay, of Ypsilanti, Michigan.)  Other supporting evidence, from the family group records of Joseph Kelley and his plural wives on file at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, rules out that any of the other plural wives of Joseph Kelley ever left his family.  Elizabeth, another plural wife, had children born to Joseph after 1859-the watershed year surrounding these set of events.

24. Research notes of Joan Nay of West Valley City, Utah.

25. Easton-Black, Susan (ed). Early Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter_day Saints 1830_1848.  Volume 32 Mur-Oak. FHL Microfiche #6031596.

26. International Genealogical Index (IGI), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Family Search Version , 1988; Batch No. 7311402, Sheet No. 05, Call 822751.

27. Tape recorded conversations between Clifton Rue Nay (grandson) and Delia Nay Kurtz (granddaughter). Recorded 1976 by Robert E. Nay (great grandson).

28., Pine Valley Ward Records. FHL #0026418 items 1_4.

29. Snow, Bessie, (ed) O Ye Mountains High, p. 29.

30. Pine Valley Ward Records. FHL film #0026418

31. Samuel passed away shortly after his birth and is buried in the Pine Valley Cemetery in an unmarked grave.  The name Samuel is from the records of Lucy Nay James, currently in the possession of Sherman Nay of Brigham City, Utah ( A second source indicates that the “infant child”  of John and Lucy Nay was born “about 1874″ and died the same day that it was born.  [Snow, Bessie, (ed) O Ye Mountains High, p. 220.] In a book titled “Descendants of Pine Valley Pioneers” by Mary Esther S. Putnam, the grave of  “Nay Child” is located on a map of the Pine Valley Cemetery, pp. 144_145.

32. “Just nine days later on January 9, 1877, baptisms for the dead were performed for the first time in the temple.  Two days after that, endowments for the dead were performed for the first time in this dispensation in any temple. On April 6, 1877, Daniel H. Wells, second counselor in the First Presidency, dedicated the temple, in its entirety.””

33. FHL Special Collections, St. George Temple Sealing Records, Batch #M170579, Sheet #0151.

34. Temple Book of John Nay Jr., in the possession of Wilma O. Nay of St. George, Utah, wife of Robert E. Nay (great grandson), deceased.

35. Circleville Ward Records.

36. Double headstone inscribed “Lucy Thankful Nay, born 4 Nov 1831, died 29 July 1897, Mother.”  Photographed by Jim Stubbs, April 2001, Monroe, Sevier Co., Utah. (Editor’s note: The inscription on the headstone reverses the first and second name of Thankful Lucy Nay.  She was known as Lucy throughout her life, perhaps causing the mix-up.)

37. Utah Cemetery Inventory, “Death: Circleville, Utah.”

38. Madsen, Diane, family history.

39. Headstone located in Monroe, Utah cemetery, SW corner of Center & Grand, 128_F.


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