Addendum 1:

Thankful Lucy Pine Nay Patriarchal Blessing .


Pine Valley, Washington County, Utah
June 16, 1875

A blessing by John L. Smith, patriarch upon the head of Lucy Thankful Lucy Nay, daughter of Joseph Pine and Delia Winn.  Born Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., NY November 4, 1831. Sister Thankful, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee a Patriarchal blessing.  Thou art of Ephraim and entitled to all the blessing pertaining to the new and everlasting covenant.  Thy posterity shall grow up about thee mighty and wise and to the extent of their increase there shall be no end. Thy home shall be peace and thy storehouse filled to overflowing.  Thy labors for thy kindred shall not be few.  The Priesthood in fulness pertaining at thy . . . will give thee power to preserve the lives of thy children from the grasp of the destroyer in comfort or among the Saints. Thou shalt see a temple completed and the glory of the Lord rest upon it. Enter therein so thy labors all thy gift and Blessing of Promise upon thee with eternal life the perfect gift of God with every desire of thine heart in righteousness if thou are faithful to the end not one word shall fail in the name of Jesus Amen

C. Pulsipher, scribe

Addendum 2:

Delia Pine’s obituary-Thankful Lucy Pine’s mother

Died:   At the residence of her son Dudley, San Bernardino, California, December 30th, 1874, Delia Pine.

Born in the State of New York in 1795; was married to Joseph Pine in 1814; was a strong Presbyterian at that time, they were both strong in the same faith; when the gospel came to them they both embraced it and became strong in the principles of life and salvation, notwithstanding priestly visitations and strong priestly persuasions and influences to the contrary; her husband was Joseph’s faithful friend in all his trying circumstances whenever he could lend a helping hand; she was a faithful companion to her husband and a kind mother to her children; would work many times eighteen hours out of twenty-four so that she might bring them a mouthful of bread and clothing to keep them comfortable; he was sick most of that time; she went with her husband in company with Joseph Smith, grandmother, and father to Kirtland; after living a few years in Kirtland she with her husband went to Illinois in 1843; in 1849 her husband died aged 66 years; he told his two oldest boys, Dudley and Samuel to take the family and go to the Salt Lake Valley; in 1850 they started with their mother and went as far as Council Bluffs; thence to Salt Lake; then the boys went to California and in 1859 their mother went there to induce them to return, but failed in her purpose: in 1863 she came back and lived with her youngest son in Gunnison and in Richfield; in 1868 they had to move back to Gunnison on account of the Indian War; in August of that year she thought she would once more try to bring back her children from California, therefore she started for that purpose and lived with them, doing all the good that her heart could think of all the time. Mother Pine was extensively known in Springville and all through these valleys, also in Kirtland; was the mother of seven children, three sons and three daughters now living. Com.

From Deseret Weekly News Vol. 24, p. 91. March 10, 1875

Notes from Luella Faucett on Adelia Ann Sparrow Winn (Pine)-Thankful Lucy Pine’s mother

FAMILY STORY: from Clifton Reu Nay as told by his mother Thankful Lucy Pine Nay. Samuel Pine lived in Yucipa, California and owned orchards and land there; he was one of the original settlers in that part of the county. (History of San Bernardino County, CA-DAR Lib. Washington, DC). When Brigham Young sent for the pioneers to return to Utah because of persecution, Samuel did not want to return. It meant his records would be stricken from the Church records at that time because Brigham Young was calling back the settlers of the California valley that was hoped to be part of the Utah Territory. Delia Winn Pine returned to Utah. She periodically would return to California to try to convince her son to return to Utah and or restore his records in the church. Several years before she died she made another trip to California and then was too sick to travel back to Utah. She settled in California and later died there.

Uncle Reu Nay and nephew Dalton L. Gibson went to the Pioneer Cemetery in San Bernardino, CA to try to find the burial plot for Delia Winn. The caretaker told them that the book for the years that they were searching was not available as it had been lost or destroyed. They did not check with the county records to see if she was actually buried there.

There is a chance that she could have been buried there in Yucipa on the family homestead. The family group record states that she was buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California.


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