This small family is recorded in June of 1880 on the federal census of Springville. Dudly [sic] is listed as a 26 year old laborer, and his 20 year old wife, Frances M. is “keeping house” with children Joseph D. (3) and Ada (1).[18] The seven year difference in their ages has been shaved to six years by listing Dudley as 26 instead of 27. Their next child, Lucy May, was also born in Springville on February 13, 1881. However, three years later Barnum Blake (Barney) was born in Ashley Forks, Uintah County, Utah (17 Dec 1884). This was a small settlement southwest of Vernal, located where Ashley Creek divides. The beautiful valley was discovered in 1873 and mostly used for farming and logging. Subsequently a flour mill and later a hotel were built. It is possible that they or at least Frances was visiting there at the time of Barney’s birth. Or they may have moved to Uintah County for a short time.

The birth of William Orren was again in Springville, on October 10 in 1887. In 1890 Frances bore another child, Mark, who lived only 14 days and was buried there in Springville (Born 1 March 1890-Died 15 March 1890). In 1893 the couple lost William Orren at the young age of five. This verse is inscribed on his headstone in the Springville Evergreen Cemetery: “We miss the bright eyes of our darling child, and the sweet rosy lips that so oft on us smiled.”[19] Sarah Jane (Jennie) was also born in Springville on June 6, 1893.

Another move was made sometime between Jennie’s birth in 1893 and the birth of Delores on November 15, 1896,[20]since Delores was born in Mammoth, Juab County, Utah. The family was also enumerated there in June of 1900. Dudley, at 47, was listed as a quartz miner. His wife Francis [another spelling] was 40. Their eldest daughter Ada, only 21, had been married and divorced and was back in the family home with her two-year-old daughter Margaret Humphrey. Ada was working as a dressmaker. Barney, 15 and Jennie, 6, were in school, though Barney only attended for four months of the last year. The youngest, Delores was only three years old,[21] undoubtedly enjoying the company of her niece Margaret.

The 1910 census for Utah is unindexed and much of it is unreadable. However, they must have moved back to Springville as the Springville sexton’s records show that Dudley died of pneumonia there on May 1, 1913. He was buried in Springville two days later, May 3. He was only 60 years old at the time of his death. His wife Frances died of Bright’s Disease (a disease of the kidneys) the next year on December 18, 1914 at an even younger age, 55. She was also buried in Springville on December 23, 1914.[22]

Top: Joseph Dudley and Frances Messenger Packard headstone in Springville, Utah

Bottom: Headstone of Wm. O. Packard in Springville, Utah
(son of Joseph Dudley and Frances Packard)


[1] Although Dudley was not a “Nay” child, he was certainly a member of this family. The editors came to this realization late in the production of this volume, and we did not find a family member who was able to write the chapter. We did discover that many of his descendants are prominent, wonderful people. We appreciate the help they have given us in providing genealogical information and in reading the chapter for accuracy.

[2] Family group record of Orren Packard and Thankful Lucy Pine from Ancestral File Version 4.19 of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph Dudley was listed as “Dudley” in the 1880 federal census of Springville, Utah and the 1900 federal census of Mammoth, Utah, also referred to as Uncle Dudley in the labeling of a family photograph of his daughter Ada.

[3] Family group record of Orren Packard and Matilda Stowell from International Genealogical File Index, version 5 of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

[4] In many sources Orren Packard’s name is listed as “Orin or Orren.” However, Noah Packard, Orren’s father, has written a short history of his life. In this history he spells his son’s name as “Orren.” (Packard, Noah, “A synopsis of the life and travels of Noah Packard written by himself, ca. 1858,” BYU HBLee Library, call #MSS 2320 in Special Collections).

[5] The family group record of Orren Packard and Matilda Stowell retrieved from the International Genealogical Index version 5. indicates their marriage occurred in March of 1849 in Springville and their first child, Orin Ephraim, was born 27 Feb 1849 and second child, William Henry born 12 October 1865. These dates do not match the story given by Richard Packard.

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[20] Information concerning births of the children is taken from the family group record of Dudley and Frances.

[21] 1900 Federal Census of Mammoth, Juab County, Utah, p. 9431.

[22] Springville sexton’s record; burial plots are located in the Evergreen Cemetery Section A, Lot 117, positions 2 and 3.


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