Chapter 12


by Diane Coons Madsen & Stacia Lynn Madsen
great granddaughter and great-great granddaughter


yron Windslo Nay was born in Springville, Utah County, Utah on August 22, 1860. 1 He was the oldest son of Thankful Lucy and John Nay Jr., who was a Mormon pioneer that came to Utah.  Although Myron was the oldest child of Lucy and John, he came into a family of siblings already awaiting his arrival.  He had a half brother named Joseph Dudley Packard, who was 8 years old, from his mother’s first marriage to Orren Packard.2 He had four other half brothers living with him from his father’s first marriage to Thirza Angelina Hale: Ormus Bates, age 10, Joseph Brigham, age 13, John Hyrum, age 15, and William Edwin, age 21.3

Myron’s mother, Thankful Lucy Pine, was an early pioneer to Utah who helped to settle Hobble Creek, later known as Springville, Utah County, Utah. There Lucy married Orren Packard on November 9, 1851. Orren was widowed after the death of his first wife, Matilda A. Stowell, who was also Lucy’s friend.4 Orren and Lucy cared for Matilda’s two children and their own son, Joseph Dudley, born in 1852. About a year after their marriage, relatives took Matilda’s two children to raise.5 Joseph Dudley was two months old when his father was tragically killed in an accident. Lucy turned 21 the day after Orren’s death.

From the 1860 Census that was taken in the month of September, Lucy lived near John Nay with her mother, brother and one other Pine. John moved from Cedar Fort, (most likely in the early winter of 1859).6 He was pointed in the direction of Lucy, who needed a husband, and John who needed a wife. We do not know the exact date of John and Lucy’s marriage as no record has been found to date. The moral integrity of both John and Thankful Lucy is not in question, as they proved a solid adherence to the commandments and principles of the restored gospel throughout their lives.

When Myron was a baby, his parents moved to Pine Valley, near St. George, Utah. 7 John Nay Jr.’s daughter and son-in-law, Matilda and Lysander Dayton, had moved to St. George, due to a call from Brigham Young to the Dixie mission. John’s youngest daughter Angeline Relief, from his first marriage, was living with Matilda and Lysander. This move put John and Lucy in close proximity to them.

In Pine Valley Myron’s younger brothers were born: George John on July 24, 1862, Ormun Russel born March 23, 1864, Elmer Carr on July 9, 1867, and Samuel in 1869. Myron’s half sister Angeline Relief died in 1864. 8 Myron loved her to play with him and was very sad over this death.


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