Many, many people helped us.  For their contributions large and small and in a variety of ways, we are grateful.  They include:

Scott Bowen, who arranged for our monthly meetings in Provo, Utah, and provided bottled water at the meetings so we could talk longer. He also took on the tremendous task of taking orders for this book and collecting and safeguarding the money that was sent to us.  The Nay descendants who met monthly in Provo included: Scott Bowen, Beth Breinholt, Joy Stubbs, Joan Nay, Grace Utley, Sandra Stephan, Lucille Allen, Lynda Porter, and later, Lowell Dayton.  Periodic visitors to our meetings were Luella Faucett from Virginia, Sylvia Cook from Logan, Flora Gibbs from Murray, and Scott’s daughter, Heather. Early meetings were also held at Grace, Sandra, and Lynda’s homes.

For help with research: The staff at the LDS Church Library & Archives, including: Bill Slaughter, Ron Watt, Michael Landon, Randall Dixon, Pauline Musig, Christy Best, Glen Rowe, Mary Gifford and Veneece Nelson. Also the following: Bill Hartley and Richard Bennett, BYU;  Val Wilson, Utah State Archives;  Ken Nelson, Family History Library;  Gail Holmes, Iowa Mormon Trails Association;  Ardis Parshall, independent researcher; Ian Kerr for information about the Irish septs and clans; Walter Averett, for sharing his research about the Montello Robbery.  Blaine Nay posted notice of the book on his Nay family web site (; Adele and McKay Matthews donated the services of their MailBoxes Etc. in Orem to get out the word about the book; Mimi Breinholt helped with pictures; and Eldon & Dorothy Walker answered endless questions. We especially thank our personal support systems who are so talented at rescuing us from ourselves: Annalee Barajas, an eleventh hour angel whose skill turned a huge burden into a shrug, Wally Breinholt and Jim Stubbs who know the definition of “support” better than most, and Bert Whitney for his enthusiasm and practical assistance .

For help with descendants lists and photos: Eldra Bounds, Cora Beth Wilson, Darla Duvall, Bob Freestone, Mary Esther Stalhi Putnam, Margaret Omer, James Baggett, Joei Peterson, Sylvia Goddard, Francie Crus, Dan and Lorraine Warren, Marilyn Emmett, Bert and Anne Whitney, Robert Perry, Barbara Taylor, Nancy Delene Houskeeper, Clarel Amtoft, Bonnie Nay, Barbara Lynn Olson, Reed and Doris Embley, Gerald and Janelle Nay, Stacee Pitt, Doris Elizabeth Nay Whitney, David and Linda Merrill, Wanda McNair, Linda Jensen, Wanda Nay, Jean Lincoln, Jean Norris, Allen Nay, Barbara Robison, Theron Nay, Brent and Kenny Nay, Linda Asay, Wilma Nay, John C. Nay, Edyth Sevy, Patty Langford, Diane and Stacia Madsen, Gayla Colby and many others. Glenna Snow, a dear friend of Joy and Beth, and a talented artist, allowed us to use her watercolors of the Nauvoo Temple and the Pine Valley chapel.

And anyone else who couldn’t escape fast enough and were compelled to listen to our endless tales about the Nays, we thank you.


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