Written History of Bert N. Whitney


Bert N. Whitney

[Most of this history was written by Bert Whitney, and then sections were added from his writings or else information from his family newsletter and journal.  The epilogue was written by his son Kenneth. There is much more that Bert wrote for "Glimpses of Heaven" (family newsletter) but only some sections were extracted for this history in interest of space. Beth Whitney Breinholt, Aug. 2006]

My birth place was Las Vegas, Nevada, a city in Clark County.  My parents, Ralph Emanuel Whitney and Doris Elizabeth Nay were living in a duplex in the 300 block of South Third Street at the time of my birth. My mother told me I was born in the bedroom of that duplex late at night on June 21, 1924.  She said I had arrived before the doctor was there but that my grandmother (Sarah Melinda Nay) and my father were there to assist.  The doctor reported my name and birth date incorrectly to the Department of Vital Statistics (June 22 and Burton).  It was necessary for me to obtain an affidavit signed by my parents, to correct these statistics, which I did in 1944 when I applied to train in the Air Force Cadet program.

The duplex in which I was born was still occupied as a dwelling when I last observed it several years ago, although it was being crowded by surrounding commercial buildings  (still there 1994).There were two older brothers in the family at the time of my birth, and there were later three sisters and another brother born.

My pre-school days were primarily spent in Jean and Goodsprings, Nevada, about 30 miles south of Las Vegas.  My own recollection of this time is limited to the burning of our home on Thanksgiving Day in 1927, and the time my father covered my brother and I with a mattress when we complained of being cold during that same winter when my mother was gone for the delivery of my twin sisters. I also recall that in the same little tin house that we moved into after the fire, my brothers and I saw rabbits on the bed.  We followed them as they hopped outside and into the yard (I have no explanation for this event).  I also remember walking along a path strewn with broken glass (in Goodsprings) wondering if there would be broken glass on the ground in Heaven.  I remember that I decided there surely would not be.


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