Written History of Bert N. Whitney


We have written this account of her illness and passing to show the plainness of the hand of the Lord in calling Anne to her waiting loved ones who have preceded her and to the continuation of her good works there.  We had all accepted her destiny and had fully realized that no effort of mankind was going to thwart the plan that was Heaven sent in her behalf.

September 1981 Glimpses

The shadow of the past keep our heartstrings taut and our eyes moist-perhaps in time there will be some relaxing of these now tender feelings, but it is my hope that the heritage, the teachings, the example and the spirit of love of your mother will always burn brightly in you souls and will serve as a beacon to guide you, her children, along the road to eternal happiness.

As the days go by I discover new dimensions in the void left by her death, but I also find new strength and direction from her life as I reflect upon the goodness of it.

December 1981 Glimpses

The married children of our family seem to each have bright futures.  New little spirits fresh from on high have arrived, are expected or are anticipated by most all of you, I believe.  Such circumstances can only result in increased spirituality in your homes and better lives for each family member.  Economic blessings will also follow if you stay close to the gospel principles in your personal and family lives. If you continue to carefully, patiently and lovingly rear your children according to the prescribed plan of the church, leaning on the Lord for additional inspiration for the special needs for your unique family circumstances and the needs of each individual child, the joy sought by all mankind will be yours.

It is good to remind ourselves that the one other most important member in your particular family is your husband or your wife, as the case may be. It is good to see frequent demonstrations of your love toward each other because that’s one of the things that make your marriage grow stronger-and the children will follow along.

With regard to Annalee, Melanie, and Marilyn, their future is bright also because they each know where they are going and how to get there through faith, study and work guided by inspiration.

May we continue in thanksgiving for all that we have and can achieve as a family, as sub-families and as individuals, as we contemplate commemorating the birth and life of Him who led the way and marked the path, even Jesus Christ.  Perhaps the following thoughts might be used as mottos to help us remember.

“Keep an attitude of gratitude.

“Enjoy the Christmas season for the real reason.”     Love, Dad

January 1982 Glimpses

Have you taken the time to contemplate the great positive force your mother’s family has had on each of us?  Where could there be a more solid example to follow?  Your grandparents have such wisdom and have shown such steadfastness in living the gospel principles that it gives us an anchor to hold to; a beacon to follow.  Who else in the whole world is more interested in you; remembers you on each of your birthdays, at Christmas time; remembers your children’s birthdays; and keeps up to date on each of you?  No one has demonstrated their love in the same way as your Grandma Christensen.  They expect nothing from us, but I’m sure they would appreciate an expression of gratitude occasionally.

March 1982 titled Discovery Glimpses

A feeling of peace and security has been one of the blessings I have received as a result of going to the temple.

However, now that certain pressures such as-leaving small children behind, the rush to be at the temple at a certain time, the distractions of other responsibilities being neglected, the panic to hurry home are no longer present, I have discovered that the enjoyment of temple attendance is even greater.  Staying for additional sessions is now a pleasure, where before it often seemed like a burden.

Perhaps it may be your lot to have a more relaxed life in your future, then you can see what new impressions come to you.  Love, Dad.

Saturday, March 27, 1982 [from Bert Whitney's journal]

On Wed. Mar. 24th, I received word that Kenneth’s baby Reina had died in the night.  It was hard to accept and brought back the hurt that still hasn’t healed in my heart.  I’m sure all of the family felt the same.  We all assembled in Henderson at Clark’s house, and when I saw the strength of all my children and their families, especially Kenneth and Linda, it buoyed me up.  They buried Reina in Logandale alongside of Jeff and Anne.  Kenneth and Linda spoke at the graveside service, the girls sang two beautiful songs and I dedicated the grave.  Clark made all the arrangements for the burial and offered the prayer.  We have really leaned on him these past years.

I have been trying to keep up the records that Anne has prepared and maintained these many years-It’s not easy to fill in the death dates of those you love.


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