Written History of Bert N. Whitney


May 1982 Glimpses

Early in March I drove to St. George and joined my mother and brother Keith and we journeyed to Lone Pine for an interesting three days with Howard and Ellice.  We visited, ate, hiked in the hills, ate, showed slides, ate, picnicked, ate, went to church, ate, and generally had a good time.  Howard is getting along quite well considering he has only two-thirds of a heart.  Ellice is as chipper as ever. Ralph was there, and is still having problems with health.  He spent most of his time fishing while we were there-we had a delicious dinner of fresh trout due to his efforts.  It was enjoyable for me when we all sat and recalled the good times we had in the past, as a family, and we also contemplated what the future may hold for us.  Even the trip to and from Lone Pine was pleasant because of the good company.  We all seemed to weather it with out too much weariness.  It was bit hard for me to leave the south and return to Orem, but with Brenda and her family here it made it a lot easier, though her stay was too short, and it seems we didn’t have enough time together.

A permit was issued by the city of Orem for the construction of a 24′ x 38′ garage and to transform the exiting carport into a living room at 92 North, 750 East in the same city. Accomplishing the task may interfere with some of the hoped for treks to the great outdoors.

The rugged country of the Gold Butte area provided some food for the outdoor starvation that had set in during the long cold winter in Orem.  Jack Nelson (my teacher friend from Logandale) and I set out in a 4-wheel drive Ram Charger a couple of weeks ago and explored every nook and cranny between Key West and Hell’s Kitchen. We slept under the stars of Nevada one night and enjoyed the beauty of the plush high desert with its spring flowers, the blooming yucca, joshua, and may other types of cacti.  Everything went well and the cabin fever was reportedly cured, but the appetite for the outdoors was whetted.  Dad

June 1982 Glimpses

A few weeks ago Uncle Dan and Aunt Elsie spent a week in St. George with Grandma Whitney.  During their stay I had the opportunity to spend some time (Mother’s Day and the Monday following) with them. Among other things we drove to a pioneer settlement near Rockville (Grafton) and looked around at the ghostly remains of the town and the nearby cemetery.  It was a good enjoyable visit and helped me increase my love and appreciation for those family members I don’t get to see often enough.

July 1982 Glimpses

The week before we were to leave for Logandale prior to the reunion was full of anxiety for me.  My repressed feelings were piercing me and I was plagued with discouragement and depression.  It seemed that I had to bear the responsibility of preparing without much help or concern from the others in the household.  I really felt mentally and physically ill and was on the verge of backing out, on the grounds that I just wasn’t going to be able to handle it. In reflection, I feel now that it was the great negative influence that nearly took possession of my better senses.

After getting underway things went smoothly.  I enjoyed the interim stays in St. George, Logandale, and Henderson.  The phone call from Beth (letting us know that she would be coming) capped off the occasion and everything was in order.

Then the caravan from Henderson to the reunion site was exciting and all spirits were high. The organization and execution of the details of the reunion itself seemed perfect.  I cannot recall one incident that distracted any one from the goal of pure family love and cooperation.  It seemed that everyone tried extra hard to avoid unpleasant situations and the principle of “giving up a point and keeping the love of family members” was practiced to its fullest.

I could go on and on but it sufficeth me to say that our reunion was outstanding and enjoyable in every way.

I think a special thanks should be extended to Mike and Brenda for their thorough preparation, the excellent choice of a site and their continual follow through. Of course everyone made significant contribution to the total result. (The meals were excellent.)

I really love and appreciate each member of our family, those 43 that we know were present and those seven* whose presence we felt.  Thanks for giving us some “Glimpses of Heaven.”      *Mom, Jeff, Andy [son of Jim and Joy Stubbs, 18 June 1970-4 Oct 1981] and Reina and present in another way, Jill, Brenda and Adele’s unborn babies.

December 1983 titled “Too Late For Halloween” Glimpses

Staying alone in the Logandale house was always a spooky affair, but the night of the clangity-bang was the spookiest of all.  The first clangity-bang was the loudest; it woke me from a sound sleep and filled my mind with many fearful notions.  After a few minutes of intense tense listening to the silence that followed, I got up and gingerly made my way through the main floor of the house turning on lights as I went, but found nothing out of place or suspicious looking.  Then it came again-clangity bang-muffled but near, yet seeming non-directional.  Further searching disclosed no apparent source of the mysterious sound.  (I thought about checking downstairs but discarded the notion after considering it for about a half a second or so.)  Still tense, I made a final round of the upstairs, turning out the lights (well, most of them) as I worked my way back to the master bedroom. As I lay wide awake, my attempt to come up with a rational explanation of the sound bore no fruit.  Then it came again-still no ideas-and as the night dragged on, even though I tried to convince myself that the sound couldn’t harm me, each reoccurrence made my heart jump.  Morning did finally arrive and I may have even dozed between some of the longer lulls.


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