Written History of Bert N. Whitney


Though it was a tiresome day that followed, I did manage to keep working on the tasks that were before me, but my mind struggled with the puzzle of the nocturnal noises.

As night came, a chill fell upon the now quiet house, so I decided to build a fire in the fireplace.  After I prepared the paper, kindling and wood, I checked the damper, (sometimes I remembered) and finding it closed I gave the lever a positive push; whereupon without warning a soot-blackened cat dropped into the fireplace, bounded across the floor (fortunately not yet carpeted), and leaped against a closed window, bounced back and began searching for a real exit.  After recovering from such a startling surprise, I opened the nearest door and quickly got out of the way, whereby the poor cat which had apparently fallen down the chimney the night before and had noisily attempted to escape at various intervals, now wasted no time in making a quick getaway.

P.S. “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” (Now I won’t have to send any cards)


January, 1984 Glimpses

For the first time in over two years my name appears on a company payroll. Maintaining the building and the equipment of a press clipping service in Provo (Burrelle’s) is my responsibility, and it takes about three days a week, 4 to 6 hours a day.

Advantages: It gets me out of the house and challenges my “fix it” inclinations.

Disadvantages: I’m not always home when I’m needed and it ties me down so I can’t leave town any time I want to.  Oh well, life is tedious.

August 1984 titled “Choose to Cherish Our Choice Land” Glimpses

When we met in California a couple of years ago and displayed the flags, there seemed to be something extra added to our reunion.  Maybe the magic would return each year if we kept a flag flying-perhaps a family flag raising and pledge might be something to think about.

Those that have watched the Olympics probably have heard the National Anthem and witnessed flag raising more in couple of weeks than they have in several years combined.  Personally, it has stirred me and has never become dull.

Someone else recently wrote “I have felt more patriotic here in Honduras than a lot of time when I was home and just took our country for granted.  On the Fourth of July my companion and I sang the national Anthem in our room and I bawled.”

A patriotic number on the campfire agenda may be a positive experience each year.  We do live in a pretty great country even with all the problems.

November 1984 Glimpses

The family Book of Remembrance needed updating.  It would be easy-there were only a few entries of births and baptism that needed to be typed in.  Our family newspaper undoubtedly contained accurate and comprehensive information of the events needing to be entered, with names, dates and places recorded first hand by the parents of the children involved.  What could be more accurate and nice to refer to?  Simply look in the issue of paper for the month of the event or the month after for the birth. The unrecorded were born recently enough for even me to remember that close.  The baptism dates would be just as easy-just check the paper corresponding to the birth date plus eight. (or the month after.)

I was right!  There carefully documented was the account of the blessed event with all necessary information; what fun! But wait-here is an article by a loving mother describing all her inner feelings and eternal significance of the new arrival, how happy the father is, even the hospital staff’s  reaction-all very fine things to record and remember-but alas-no date or place in mentioned.  Fortunately the information is easily available from other sources, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were all in our family paper?  It’s not too late, if you had a baptism or birth in your family during the last year or so which was not properly reported think about making a catch-up entry even now.  It’s nice to read about a young lad looking forward to his eighth birthday, but it’s disappointing not to find the follow-up information about his baptism.

Research is fun and productive if the information is there-discouraging when it is not. (Sermon No. 27B)

Don’t feel bad-even Mormon left the sacrament prayers out of his record and Moroni had to enter them later.

December 1984 Glimpses

Dad would write an article for the paper but he wouldn’t have anything to write about, just a brag!  He was named Employee of the Month at Burrelle’s where he works, and received many special awards and prizes, namely:  a button that states his status, a special reserved parking place, a certificate, show tickets, McDonald coupons, and a short life history under his picture which hangs on the bulletin board at work.  All these honors and gifts were presented to him at a company meeting.  Good work, Dad! An honor well deserved! (author unknown)

February-March 1985 Glimpses

This past month left a sadness in our hearts as we learned of the death of Doris Elizabeth Nay Whitney; Mother, Grandmother, and Great-grandmother.  Though she was as ready to depart from this life as anyone really could be, those of us left behind will miss her.


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