Written History of Bert N. Whitney


A long pillar of black smoke quickly rose and the welcome rescue crew soon was at my side with a stretcher which they gently placed me on.  The nurse attendant said they must get an IV into my arm before they could transport me, but after 7 failed attempts to do so (I have small veins),  they decided to take me on my first helicopter ride. It was interesting that as the nurse threw aside the needles she had used, Keith gathered them all up stating that he could use them on his cattle.

By the time we had settled down on the roof of the hospital, the nurse had finally inserted the IV. When they took me to the x-ray room and put me on the table there, they took out the needle. As they left me on the table alone, the severe vertigo I was having,

made me feel  like I was falling off the table, so I called  for someone to hold me so I wouldn’t  fall.  A Doctor Payne came and set my arm, and Clark was there for some much needed support.  The office people came and wanted to know what insurance I had and when I said, “none,” they had a quick conference and asked how I was going to pay for the expenses I had already incurred and Clark told them to put it on his credit card.  I’m sure I had enough money in my bank account to pay for all of the expenses, even figuring they would keep me there a few days, but to my surprise and delight they told me they were going to give me a pain shot hoping I could make it to the door.

Clark took me to his house and put me on his water bed, where I spent the most painful night of my entire life.  The next day I begged him to take me to Logandale where I could sit in the easy chair at Don’s where I was staying. It was a few weeks before I could lay on the bed, first for a few minutes, then an hour and finally all night.  Jack checked on me every day and removed the stitches from my head. I cut off my cast with tin snips, but was riding my four-wheeler again long before that.

Now, there are too many details — Dad

[Another third party report:  Clark told me that when they were casting his broken arm, he was observing the process and as they got close to his hand Dad protested, "Don't cover up my thumb! I need it to run the gas on the machine!]

January 1986 titled, “The Jinx Persists” Glimpses

On January 1st, six motorcycles and five four-wheelers assembled for an assault on the Grand Gulch mine.  Don and Vern C. were there, along with four of Don’s sons and his son-in-law.  Also present was Jerry the watchmaker, Clark, Jack N. and I.

Jack, Vern and I got started first and rode past Pakoon Springs to a fork in the road where we pulled up on a hill to wait for the rest of the group.  We watched with disbelief as each of the eight riders came to the fork, hesitated for a moment then one by one turned the wrong way, notwithstanding we had built a signal fire, were blasting the air horn and were shouting and waving our arms.  Jack volunteered to chase the wayward caravan and turn them around, which he did one by one as he overtook them.  As he caught the last one, about six miles down the road, he discovered he had a flat tire on his cycle so could not return to where we were waiting.  I rode to where he was stranded and found he had his rim off the wheel with the tube out, hopeful that he could patch it.  It was then I noticed I was on Ken’s outfit and remembered the air hose and other equipment were in my four-wheeler.  So-I rode back to the waiting group and traded machines with Clark, gave them further directions and told them to go on ahead hoping that we could catch them later. When I returned to where Jack was, we attempted to patch the tube with the wrong kind of patch and of course it did not hold air. I suggested we take the wheel to Pakoon (about ten miles) hoping that the material we needed would be there.  It was.  After about two hours, three or four tries, and seven patches later, we managed to put it all together without repuncturing the tube and it held air!!! While we were working, the person who furnished the patches told us about a witch that frequented the area and caused problems for those that ventured into her territory.  We were Believers!

By the time we returned to Jack’s bike and reassembled it, the sun was getting low, nevertheless we headed toward the Grand Gulch, got just past the place where the helicopter had picked me up before and there met the other riders returning, so we did a U-turn and rode back to Whitney Pockets in caravan, arriving just before dark.

I shall return.

June 1986 Glimpses

It was almost beyond belief to watch the walls grow on the house last week.  My brother Keith came with his son Nathan Thursday morning and we began laying out the walls and cutting the plates.  Roger joined us Friday and he built thirty channels and all the corners in preparation for the framing.  We finished all the layout and had one wall started by Friday night.  Kenn and another expert framer (who works for Kenn) arrived late Friday night and at daybreak Saturday the hammers pounded and the saws buzzed until nearly dark that night and the house was framed.  Clark arrived Saturday night and stayed over until Monday and he and I installed enough sheathing on the walls to brace it, then we put up a few trusses.  I finished the trusses on the carport the next day and three men working on a house nearby came and put up the trusses over the rest of the house a couple of days later.  The roof sheathing is started and the house should be closed in (except the doors) by the end of the week.  Everything has gone smoothly so far and there have been no major problems.  It is really exciting and enjoyable to work on the house-the days are too short, even with a 5:00 a.m. start and an 8:30 p.m. finish.  I really do appreciate beyond suitable expression, the help of all those who made the mountain move.  Marilyn not only kept up with the cooking, dishwashing, bed preparation, cleaning, shopping and other domestic details while the crew was here but she spent considerable time working on the framing too, as well as keeping us in ice water and soda pop.  Thanks to all.


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