Written History of Bert N. Whitney


July 1986 (author unknown) Glimpses

Dad is plugging away at the house.  He bought some pretty doors for the side and front.  He has also finished the siding.  Now he is working on the air conditioning ducts and then plumbing and then electrical, etc.

August 1986 (author Linda Whitney) Glimpses

. . .Speaking of Grandpa, Kenn reports that as of 1:00 last Saturday night, they had his house ready to move into.  They had finished painting 3 bedrooms (one for living, one for sleeping and one for storing) and one bathroom (minus the sink.)  So it looks like Grandpa made his deadline and is ready to move on time.  Was there ever any doubt?

March 1988 Glimpses

The desert will soon be in full bloom, making an added attraction to the four wheel riding.  The weather has been beautiful to make it even more enticing.  Last Monday, Annalee, Jim, Clark and friends put some miles on the spare four wheeler.  I enjoyed the outings.

It was good to read about all of the various families in the paper last month.  I think we have a worthwhile project, even though it takes some effort on the part of everyone.  Some of the younger writers may think about expressing their feelings more often.

It has taken a year for my six months call as Endowment director at the St. George Temple to expire, but I was told that March will be my last month.  It has been a good calling, but any job in the temple is a privilege.  The stake president also told me he could withstand the pressure from Salt Lake no longer so he had to break up the monopoly of me buying everything for the stake and writing all the checks and doing all the accounting.  Instructions call for two more people to be involved.  Mack Lyon, from Overton, is taking one of the accounts.  A purchasing representative will also have to be called.  I will keep the one account and the computer, and am supposed to oversee the whole operation.  The 14th ward of the stake is being created in Mesquite this month, so there’s lots to do.

Last Tuesday, Oct 3. 1989 was my last day as an ordinance worker in the St. George Temple, where I have worked for three years. My temple duties have included two shifts, morning and evening with an hour break between.  I left home at 3:30 a.m. and returned at 11:00 p.m.

Saturday Oct. 14 [was] my first training day for the Las Vegas Temple open house held in December. I started at the Las Vegas Temple in December of 1989.  [The temple opened January 1990 and he worked there seven years until 1996, making a total of ten years of temple service as a worker.]

April 1990 titled “Deep Stuff” Glimpses

During the dedication service of the Las Vegas Temple, my mind and heart were impressed by the spirit of the occasion to the extent that there was a strong feeling that I should share the things that I felt with my family, especially the grandchildren.

So to each grandchild I would like to say that the blessings of the temple are manifest in your lives even though you may not have attended the temple to receive your endowments.  Since your parents have each been sealed in the temple you are blessed that you are eligible to become a member of the eternal family of God, positioned in your proper place among the members of your earthly family.  To bring about the fulfillment of the conditions of the eternal family each of us must live the principles on which they are predicated.

You should want your parents to attend the temple often, and you should do all you can to make it easy for them.  If you haven’t already noticed, observe and see if they are not more kind and loving to each other after they have been to the temple.  Also you will find that they are more loving to you, their children.

Each of you past twelve years of age have probably been to the font room of the temple where you were baptized for those who lie on the other side of the veil and did not receive that ordinance during their earth life.  I’m sure you feel a great personal satisfaction and renewed happiness when you participate in that activity.  It’s a very good way to enjoy the blessing of the temple prior to receiving your endowments there and being sealed to an eternal companion.

There are other ways too; those of you who have attended an open house at a temple shared in the spirit of the temple.  And when you go with your parents to the temple grounds and talk about spiritual things you can get that blessing of the temple.  When you reach the age of sixteen and become more mobile and begin to do some dating, the temple grounds is a good place to go and meditate and ponder the works of God and to converse with your friends in an environment where your thoughts will be in tune with good things and you will be receptive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  The answers to many of our problems are in and around the temples of the Church.  Love, Grandpa

December 1991 “Off Road Wagon” Glimpses

It is much faster and much more comfortable than a team and wagon, but it goes a lot of places that the old wagons have been.  So far, the 1987 Subaru 4-wheel drive station wagon that now serves as the desert buggy has never let us down on the weekly trips that Dan, Elsie, Clay, Lorraine and I have been enjoying.


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