Written History of Bert N. Whitney


One typical “Dad” happening occurred on this last trip.  After a restful Friday night I had breakfast, bathed, shaved, put on all clean clothes and was ready to start back to Logandale, after I pulled the trailer up the steep hill to the top of the peak, which I had determined to do.  Well, I had trouble hooking up to the trailer, broke a taillight on the truck in the process, and could see the dirt collecting on my fresh clothes.  About halfway up the hill, the soft dirt did not provide enough traction, and the truck began spinning its wheels with no forward motion occurring, but instead truck and the trailer slid sideways to the downside of the road, so there was no possibility of backing down, even if I were skillful enough to do it.  Fortunately I had taken the trusty dozer to the top of the hill the night before so I thought I’d try to pull the whole mess up the hill with it.  The process was tedious-the only way to keep the dozer from rolling back into the pickup was to shut it off and put it in gear, and even then it sometimes lurched backwards a little because the hill was so steep.  In fact it was so steep it was hard to get up out of the seat to get off to hook up the chain, then get back on the dozer, start it up, tighten the chain, shut it off, get back off, release the truck brake, adjust the front wheels of the truck and then hope it would pull it.  But, as if the dozer was saying, “I think I can, I think I can,” we crawled slowly up the steepest, softest part of the hill, only having to stop one more time to straighten the truck wheels before getting to a better spot where I was able to unhook the dozer, move it out of the way and pull the trailer on up with the pickup-unassisted.  Don’t I have fun?  Needless to say I was quite grimy for my eventful drive back to Logandale. (To Adele: How about “Thunder Mountain Family Campground”?)

May 1996 “Moon Struck” Glimpses

A few nights ago I rode to the top of a nearby hill and watched the moon come up.  There was enough haze in the air to color the moon a bright “sodium light” orange as it peeked over the hills to the east.  It got bigger and brighter as it rose and soon cast an eerie glow on the hills below and the wispy cloud above.  I decided to wait for the moon to go behind the low sheer cloud, but it seemed to go in front of it.  The moon was more yellow now and shone right through the cloud with no apparent dimming of its brightness.  What a treat it was to watch such a beautiful sight.   The creations of God which still obey His laws really are glorious to behold.

Feb  1998 “Life’s Changes” Glimpses

I always dislike broadcasting my ailments but to avoid some scolding by some of my concerned children I would like to say:

“My name is Bert Whitney and I am a diabetic-I had my last sugar in December 1997.”

Seriously, most of you know about diabetes and are aware that the symptoms can be pretty well controlled by medication.  I have been experiencing some pretty obvious symptoms for several months but stayed in denial until a week ago, when a blood test confirmed that triple the normal amount of sugar was in my blood along with a few other related problems which were also diagnosed.  After only a few days of taking some pills I already feel much better, and I even made it through the three hour block Sunday with no pit stops.  Tomorrow I receive instructions on monitoring my own glucose level-my high pain threshold will come in handy. So there, you know almost as soon as I did.

July 2001 “Dad/Grandpa’s Mountain Trip” Glimpses

On June 11th I pulled my travel trailer to Thunder Mountain campground and when I got there it was a beautiful afternoon. I got set up and filled one of the barrels with water and went for a second one, but I couldn’t make the water pump work. By the time I filled a barrel by hand and worked on the pump it was nearly dark, so I walked down to close the gate for the night. I noticed that it was quite cold and the wind was starting to blow and I was wishing I had worn a coat. That night and the next, the temperature dropped well below freezing and some of the plumbing fittings froze and broke. During the day it never got above 40 degrees and a chilling wind was blowing. I tried to bundle up and get some work done, but I didn’t have a hat to cover my ears so I ended up spending most of the time in the trailer. In the meantime there was a bad windstorm happening in Orem, and supposing it was also storming where I was, Jim drove up to check on me, but the wind part of the storm was much milder on the mountain, so I was O.K.

March 2002 Glimpses Would you believe I finished the dirt pushing on the lots I have been working on? Today Kenneth took his blade to the site and worked about an hour. He sure makes the roads look good!

Earlier in the month a retired airline pilot friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in his airplane in about 15 minutes. Of course I did; so when he asked me where I wanted to go in the local area, I told him I would like to see the lots I was working on, from the air. So we went to Moapa and circled over the lots for a couple of times (the roads and retention ponds really looked good), and then we flew over the red rock area and back to the airport in Overton. It was great fun!

You have probably heard many stories about the faith of little children who ask for help in finding lost articles such as pocket knives, rings, etc.; well I’m here to tell you it works in your second childhood just as well. I lost the ripper tooth from the dozer and my method of finding it was to borrow a metal detector from someone and search the area where I lost it. But after about a week of looking for a detector, which no one seems to have any more, the ripper tooth, which is worth about $150 found me. The wind had blown hard for two days and I was only able to work a couple of hours each day because of the blowing sand and the cold. The next day was calm and I parked my truck in a different place and worked until late afternoon. While walking back to the pickup a bright flash shone into my eyes. That wind which was so miserable the two days before had been uncovering that tooth and the sun was just the right angle to send a bright reflection of the shiny point directly to my eyes. I knew instantly what it was and retrieved it easily. I did remember to give thanks.


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