Written History of Doris Elizabeth Nay


Doris Elizabeth Nay Whitney, oldest daughter of Ormus Calvin Nay and Sarah Melinda Allen and wife of Ralph Emanuel Whitney.

Sarah Melinda Allen was my mother.  She was born in Washington, Utah.  Her parents were called by Brigham Young to go help settle Arizona.  They moved out to a little town called Pine.  They settled it.  I believe my Grandfather Allen built the first cabin there and he was the first Bishop in that little town’s ward or perhaps it was a branch ward.  So she was raised in the beautiful big pine country.  There were pines all around the sheltered little valley where this little town was situated.  Her parents were Rial Allen and Susan Elizabeth Collins.

My father was tall and broad shouldered.  He wasn’t a heavy man.  He was perhaps 5 foot 11, I would say.  He had real dark hair and big brown eyes and fine features.  He loved the soil.  He was a miner also, in his younger days.  He loved to work with the soil.

My parents had 10 children, seven girls and three boys.  Allen, James, me, Louise, Anita, Grace, Iris, Earl, Myrna, Virginia.

I was born in a small mining camp, named Key West.  It was located in the mountains near Bunkerville, Nevada, as it is no longer a town or camp, I put “near Bunkerville”, as my birth place.  My birth date is 7th of February 1902.  I had two older brothers.

My father was a mining man in his younger years, so we moved around quite often.  I don’t know how long we lived at Key West after I was born.  I do remember when we lived in Virgin City, where Louise was born, she was 2 ½ years younger than I was.  This was a small town on the Virgin River, in Washington County, Utah.  Father was drilling for oil, and one day oil came pouring out and we all thought we had struck it rich, but it only flowed for a short time, as it was only a small pocket.  He went around slapping the fellows that were helping him on the back with his oily hands.


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