Written History of Doris Elizabeth Nay


The next morning we got up early and was on our way to Clovis.  We arrived there in the late afternoon of December 24, 1957.

Elsie wasn’t home when we got there, but she had left her door unlocked so we went in to wait for her.  She came home in about half an hour after we got there, and it’s needless to say how surprised and overjoyed she was to see us.  We stayed ten days with her and she said it was one of the most wonderful Christmases she’d had since her marriage.  Her husband been in the Air Force, she had been many miles from us all of her first ten years of marriage.  Her three little boys were so happy to have us and we enjoyed getting better acquainted with them, and spending our first Christmas with them.  Clovis is close to the Texas border and the panhandle, so it’s a big flat country as far as the eye can see.  After we had been there about three days, I became homesick for the mountains and hills.  I guess after some time you get used to the big flat country, as our daughter said it never bothered her.  I have always loved the hills and mountains and I felt I would not be too happy living in such a flat country for long.

September 6, 1959– I was called to fill a two year stake mission in the Moapa stake.  I was very happy about this call, but felt very incapable to teach the gospel.  I had no doubts about this being the true gospel, but felt I hadn’t studied enough or knew it well enough to explain to others.  At this time Lola Bryner was also called on the stake mission.  She was the president of the Moapa Stake Relief Society and I was her second counselor.  She felt as I did, about not being able to explain the gospel to others.  After some sleepless nights and a lot of study and prayer we felt ready to try teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We started the last week in March.  In April President Bowler called the first counselor to Lola, Zelma Leavitt, to work with us.  He said he felt we could handle the Stake Relief Society work, as well as the mission call, as we were just to work in the Overton area.  We were very happy to have Zelma called to work with us, she had been on a short mission and also was a very spiritual person.  We had been working so closely together during our four years of Stake Relief Society work, that we really felt like sisters.  We had learned to love each other and spent many wonderful hours together striving to do the Lord’s work, it was a joy to work together on our mission call.  We met and worked with many fine people.  Some of them discovered that we were teaching the true gospel and joined the church.  These were very busy, but the most wonderful days of my life, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to teach this beautiful gospel.

Ralph and I had been talking some of selling our home in Overton and moving to Saint George to settle.  Ralph had been raised here, and we felt we could do more temple work if we lived here.  This was in the fall of 1960.  I felt I’d like to finish my mission call which would be up in February 1961.  We put up a “for sale” sign on our lawn, not dreaming it would sell before spring.  Instead it sold the middle of December 1960 and the people who bought it wanted to move in between Christmas and New Year’s.  While in the process of moving, Pres. Bowler gave us a call to become officiators at the Saint George temple.  We found a place for sale up here and moved the last day of the year 1960.  I felt very happy and humble about this call, but left it entirely up to Ralph as whether we should accept this wonderful call.  He said he felt he couldn’t fill a position of this kind, but after talking to Brother Milton Earl, he didn’t turn it down.  Ralph had always been shy about taking active part in the church, but this call seemed to be just what he could do the best.  He had a very keen memory and learned the part fast.  We were asked to work two evenings a week and Saturdays.  We were set apart for our temple work, February 8, 1961.  This call seemed to be the climax in our lives and how happy we were to be working and helping with this wonderful work.  I’ll always be grateful to the Lord for this call and it’s so special to be working together.  I had worked alone in Relief Society work and my mission call so long and felt sometimes I was away from home too much, even though my dear husband gave me full use of the car and supported me in this work.

January 17, 1962– Here it is a little over a year since we moved to this beautiful little town and our home is so close to the Lord’s house.  We have a beautiful view of the temple from our front window, I never tire of looking at it.  We’re very busy and happy with our temple work.

I still enjoy reading.  I love all the church books.  I have quite a collection of those that I like to read.  I like to read them over.  I had never been able to settle down and read the Doctrine and Covenants, clear through.  I would check with it and read parts until I taught it in Relief Society in a theology class and I really got a lot out of it.  Then at the temple, our project over there for the women that work is reading the Doctrine and Covenants this past year and we’ve almost finished it.  This has gotten us all down to really reading it and then discussing it.  I’ve enjoyed the Doctrine and Covenants since. 


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