Written History of Doris Elizabeth Nay


April 1962– Ralph has learned all his parts now, and gives them so beautifully.  He has worked very hard to learn them and it has been a worry to him, for fear he won’t give them as he would like.  I know he loves this work and so willing to do all he can to help in any way, while we are in the Lord’s house

May 1962– This month has been sad for us as Ralph had a stroke the 3rd of May 1962.  It happened so suddenly as strokes do, and he was very ill the first few months, but has continued to improve each month since then.  We are grateful and thankful to the Lord for His blessings and though we miss our wonderful temple work, I’m sure that the Lord is continuing to bless us.  The stroke affected Ralph’s word power, the ability to say names of people, towns and objects.  There is some improvement each month that it is quite slow and of course this makes him feel very discouraged at times.  I feel very grateful that he is able to go fishing and do many things that helps us pass the time.  We take many trips into the hills and mountains hunting wood and seeing more of this beautiful country.

I feel that if the Lord wants us to finish our call at the temple, He will find a way in his own time.  I try not to get discouraged as I know that is one of Satan’s tools in getting us to go his way.  I also know that our prayers have been answered in many ways and many times.  When our son Bert, who is now the Bishop in Boulder City, gave his father a blessing right after this happened he asked the Lord to make him well enough to continue his temple work, if it was the Lord’s will.  I have faith that this prayer will be answered in the Lord’s due time, if that is His will.

It seems to come natural for me to have lots of faith.  I didn’t realize I had as much faith as I did in bringing up my children until my youngest boy mentioned it while my husband was very ill.  He said, “Well, when Daddy goes I know it’s going to be hard on Mother to be left alone, which you know she’ll have to be, but Mother has lots of faith and I’m not going to worry about her.”  I looked at him and was startled like and thought, “Well well.”  As all were growing up he had noticed that I did have lots of faith.  He was our youngest and I hadn’t realized it myself though I know that I believed in prayer and have had many of my prayers answered.

The next two years went along about the same as 1962, one after Ralph’s stroke.  We continued to take many fishing and other trips into the beautiful hills hunting rocks and wood.  Our children living close enough  have been very thoughtful and good to us.

May 1966 – -Ralph had a major heart attack and is confined at home most of the time.  He spends most of his time in his reclining chair.  Also has a folding recliner on the porch and can spend part of the day out there.

[Ralph E. Whitney died 16 November 1966]

Editor’s note: this history was combined by Adele Matthews, Doris Nay Whitney’s granddaughter on March 19, 1995.  The two original histories were written by Doris herself.  One was 21 April 1952 – March 1963.  The other was a transcript of a tape recorded June 2, 1969.  Almost all was left in her original words, but combined for more details and interests.


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