Written History of Ralph Emanuel Whitney



This is the story as told to Doris Nay Whitney, while Ralph and Doris Whitney lived in Overton, Nevada, about 1958.

Ralph with his father George Burton Whitney

Ralph Emanuel Whitney, youngest son of George Burton Whitney and Lovina Syphus, born 26th May 1892 in Panaca, Lincoln County, Nevada.

My folks lived in Panaca until I was three years old, then they moved to St. Thomas, Clark, Nevada. My father taught school there. I was too young to go to school, but I would sometimes run away and go because I missed my brother Burt and sisters Maude and Mable who would be at school. I usually got spanked and sent home by Father.

In May 1897, a baby girl was born to our family, making ten children, four boys and six girls. The baby died shortly after her birth. They named her Jane. She was buried in the St. Thomas Cemetery. This cemetery was moved to Kaolin, Nevada located on a hill just below Overton, Nevada. This was done before Lake Mead came up and covered St. Thomas in the early 1930′s. Another little girl had died when she was three, while they lived in Bunkerville, Nevada. She is buried there. Four boys and four girls grew to adulthood, married and raised families of their own.

My folks moved from St. Thomas to Enterprise, Utah in the spring of 1899. Father and my older brother Stowell had gone up a few months before and leased a farm a few miles north of Enterprise and had planted some crops by the time we moved up. We only stayed at this place until fall.  Mother didn’t like this part of the country as there were lots of rattlesnakes and also lots of wind.


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