Written History of Ralph Emanuel Whitney


We lived in a three room house, no electricity, no running water in the house, outdoor toilet, the boys slept outside all year round, lovely big cottonwood tree, artesian wells, pond for swimming, animals, garden work.  I think all of us would like to do it again.


Elsie Banks:

Keith & Elsie Whitney

As I write down a few things I remember about Daddy, I realize there are so many happy memories that it would take a book to write them all.  I always thought I was Daddy’s favorite.  He treated me so well and seemed like he did so many extra things for me.  About four years ago, I was telling my brothers and sisters that I thought I was his favorite and found out that each of them thought they were his favorites.  It takes a special person to make seven children think they are the favorite and the others not know.

I always knew Daddy was the authority.  When he said no, you did not ask again or go ask Mom.  However, there were not too many times he said no.  He taught me very valuable lessons that I still use.  Daddy worked hard all his life but always had time for his family.  Dad and Mom took us to the mountains, the lake, and many other places.  When Daddy worked at the talc mine in California, Mom would take us out there on weekends sometimes.  In 1992, Bert, Clay, Lorraine, Dan and I took a trip back there.  Of course it was not the same but it did bring back many pleasant memories.

I also remember when I was 10 or 11, Daddy and Uncle Bert were on the house preparing to cut limbs off the cottonwood trees that hung over the house so that when the wind blew, they would not fall on the house.  Daddy asked me to go get the sky hook.  I looked all over for it and even had Keith helping me look for it too.  I finally asked Mom what it was.  She told me there was no such thing as a sky hook.  Dad and Uncle Bert were laughing as they watched me look.  Daddy had a really good sense of humor.

I had really wonderful parents.  I am thankful for them, all the memories I have and the good times I had as I was growing up.  All of us brothers and sisters still enjoy getting together and having a good time.


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